AWESOME Giveaway!!!!

Jacenda aka Kiss an Makeup is having a really amazing GIVEAWAY!! 
Only a few things to do to enter and few extra bonus entry points! Make sure you do all of them if you can so that you can get those extra entries! :-D

what you get for the prize:
  • Too Faced Lip injection gloss in F26 Techno Buff.
  • Too Faced sample sized "Shadow Insurance " primer.
  • Too Faced Lash Injection mascara.
  • Juicy Couture Roll ball perfume
  • Love & Beauty Nail file set
  • Love & Beauty nail polish in light pink
  • Forever 21 cosmetics bag
  • Pacifica hawiian Body butter
  • Jurlique love balm
  • Too Faced "The Bronzed & the beautiful" face bronzing collection.

AMAZING huh? Well just click the giveaway link above! and follow the rules! ;-)

Good Luck!

xo ~ Shawna

Review - Neutrogena Wave Duo

I bought this about a month and half ago. And I honestly have to tell you that I have a love hate relationship with this.

After about two weeks of using this religiously I loved it! I thought that I found something that I could use everyday and not have any problems! It feels great after you've used it. Its like putting a nice peppermint mask on my face. Its tingly and refreshing.

Well...after a few days after the two weeks I started noticing that my pores were getting clogged and then I broke out. I normally don't have clogged pores or break out. Maybe one pimple or a zit every like few months.

I'm gonna be honest and tell you what I found.... its really gross and I honestly can't believe that I'm telling you this. But I am going to tell you my experience. My pores ended up getting majorly clogged with not blackheads, not white heads or whatever.... but like with excess gunk. I thought that maybe the wave was just taking time to get all of this gunk out of my pores. Well I was wrong it just kept happening so finally I stopped using  the wave and the clogged pores stopped and no more zits or pimples.

This is MY experience only and I have no idea how this is for other people my husband doesn't use it everyday more like every week. So its a sporadic use for him. I did the same and I like it better like that. My skin is clearing up and no more breakouts haha

Have you tried this? I would love to know your opinions on the wave. :-)

Thank you for reading!

xo - Shawna

Versatile Blogger Award!!!

 Okay so, I seriously had no idea that there was even such a thing like this on blogger! Which is totally cool because well its friggen cool!
Thank you so much MontserGirl I love her blog because she can basically blog about anything! I love it! You should definitely check it out! :-D


Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers
    4. Contact these bloggers to let them know they've received the award
7 Things About Me:

1. When I first meet someone in person... I look at their hands.. weird I know..
but I can't help it. Especially guys. haha
2. I am in love with awesome manners! Bad manners I seriously despise.
3. Once upon a time I had a problem with buying stuff from ebay! I kid you not! 3 or 4 packages every week haha
4. My son is the most important man in my life! My hubby not so much haha just kiddin... Of course he is! I recently got a new lil man in my life our lil kitten Halo! <3
5. I am soo soo grateful for my grams.. she raised me since I was a baby... She's like mom! I <3 her very much!
6. I love love books... I seriously hate waiting for a new one to come out right after I'm done reading one and its a gooder! I'm so impatient! :-D So I try to watch out for series that are already done so then I can just buy them all at one go! haha
7. I am the same way with tv series. I am currently watching House, and Charmed. I like watching them one right after the other! :-D


I do love blogging and checking out other blogs! But I am new to blogging, So this list may be short! haha - don't worry she has a translator on her blog :-)

As you can see I only put 9 thats because the rest of the blogs that I read are pretty well known and you probably have them on your list already! So I won't bother but these are the ones that I love and should have more followers than they do! :-D

Thanks for reading!

xo ~ Shawna

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