❤ Mail Time ❤

Awhile back I had won a BeautyCrazed giveaway. :-) And fedex seemed to have temporarily lost my address! ha ha It took a long time to get here. But well worth the wait because I have seriously been enjoying these products soo much within the past week or so. So, I decided to share them with you! :-)

super cute packaging! I just love it when I get something in the mail and its wrapped so nice! haha

Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner - 355ml - $6.99 - revives dry, frizzy hair and adds deep nourishment for beautifully smooth, soft, shiny hair while reducing frizz up to 80%.
Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner - 236ml - $9.99 - next generation of conditioner with a ribbon of Nutri-Oil treatment to smooth extra dry, rough and frizzy hair while the special formula delivers the nourishing power of treatment in the time of a conditioner.
Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream - 120ml - $9.99 - controls frizz and boosts shine, even in humid conditions. Deeply nourishes without feeling greasy so hair is easier to manage and style while controlling up to 100% frizz for 24-hour shine.
Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner - 355ml - $6.99 - revives dry, frizzy hair and adds deep nourishment for beautifully smooth, soft, shiny hair while reducing frizz up to 80%.
Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner - 236ml - $9.99 - next generation of conditioner with a ribbon of Nutri-Oil treatment to smooth extra dry, rough and frizzy hair while the special formula delivers the nourishing power of treatment in the time of a conditioner.
Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream - 120ml - $9.99 - controls frizz and boosts shine, even in humid conditions. Deeply nourishes without feeling greasy so hair is easier to manage and style while controlling up to 100% frizz for 24-hour shine.

I am in love with everything my hair feels so soft after.

Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner - 355ml - $6.99 - revives dry, frizzy hair and adds deep nourishment for beautifully smooth, soft, shiny hair while reducing frizz up to 80%.
Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner
- 236ml - $9.99 - next generation of conditioner with a ribbon of Nutri-Oil treatment to smooth extra dry, rough and frizzy hair while the special formula delivers the nourishing power of treatment in the time of a conditioner.
Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream
- 120ml - $9.99 - controls frizz and boosts shine, even in humid conditions. Deeply nourishes without feeling greasy so hair is easier to manage and style while controlling up to 100% frizz for 24-hour shine.
Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner - 355ml - $6.99 - revives dry, frizzy hair and adds deep nourishment for beautifully smooth, soft, shiny hair while reducing frizz up to 80%.

Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner - 236ml - $9.99 - next generation of conditioner with a ribbon of Nutri-Oil treatment to smooth extra dry, rough and frizzy hair while the special formula delivers the nourishing power of treatment in the time of a conditioner.

Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream - 120ml - $9.99 - controls frizz and boosts shine, even in humid conditions. Deeply nourishes without feeling greasy so hair is easier to manage and style while controlling up to 100% frizz for 24-hour shine.

 Anti-static fast drying blow drying brush - I have used this everytime I've blow dried my hair and I really like it. At first a little awkward because I use to just use my fingers ha ha
Bobby pins and hair elastics I am always in need of these two things. A girl can never have enough. I also just bought some a day before I got these in the mail so now I have double the amount. :-)

After taking everything out of the box halo claimed it ha ha
That was his new sleeping box for the next few days.

Thank you for reading!


Mini Haul


 I purchased these Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks from Zellers for $1.99 each
From Left to Right: Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Fabric face masque in Lavender and Jasmin, White Chocolate Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque, Chocolate Masque.

I did try the middle one last night and I tell you it seriously smells sooo good. I love it! <3 I can usually get about 2 uses out of these ones. The balea ones though I could get about 3 to 4 uses out of them. And a little tip to keep them from drying out fast is to place them in ziplock bags. I find that I can use them weeks after opening them. :-)

 I just "happened" to stop by Shopper's Drug Mart yesterday. Good thing too because there was alot of Rimmel stuff on sale for $2.99!! I couldnt' believe my eyes ha ha so of course I had to get a few things. Then I also remembered that I had needed some more eye makeup remover.

What I got from Left to Right: Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender Mascara in Black, Rimmel Soft Kohl eyeliner in Jet Black, Baléa Eye Makeup Remover,
Bottom row left to right: Rimmel Glam Eyes single eyeshadow in Urban Green #120 and Royal Linen #010, Rimmel Lipstick in Alarm#170

Here is a picture of the swatches without flash and with flash

I will be doing a modern pin up look soon, so stay tuned for that! :-)

Thank you for reading,


Yesterday's EOTD - WW's Greed Palette

 I love the Wet n' Wild's Greed Palette. I sometimes do a smokey eye like this using it or I'll do something similar but closer to the lash line to create a different smokey eye. It is so versatile. I only used the grey, black, nude color and also the peachy color. And a white to highlight this isn't in the palette

 It is super easy to do!

First you prime your eyelids,
Then I use the grey and put it in the outter v.. only a little and then lightly blend the peachy color on top for a blending color, (if you would like more grey then add some more.) 
I used a crease dome brush for both colors.
Then I wanted more the peach color to show through so I added more of that. 
next I put the nude color above the peach to blend that nicely. Alot of blending and switching back and forth from color to color to get it where I had wanted it.
Then to make the outter v more darker I used the black and this you only want to use a little of. You are still creating a v but a very small one. Then you guessed it blend blend blend. After all that blending I used a flat shader brush and packed on the nude color onto the lid and blended lightly where it met the black and grey.
You can also add a little grey underneath your bottom lash line and lightly blend it a little :-)
 Then I highlighted using wet n wilds sugar

In another post I'll show you how I do another smokey eye :-) This one is super fast and easy!

Thanks for reading!

October Luxe Box

The other day I received my October Luxe box in the mail. I am super lucky that I got the chance to review a Luxe Box. Thank you very much Loose Button! Also a big thank you to Yasmin at Loose Button. You were so awesome to deal with!

I was so excited because I heard that they were going to be completely changing their look. I couldn't help myself by cheating and took a sneak peek at a fellow bloggers review! hehe

I am in love with the new packaging! It is so sheik and sleek. Now when I think of a Luxe Box I will think of this beautiful packaging! 

I am such a sucker for awesome packaging! :-)

Now, if you don't know what a Luxe Box is, it is a monthly subscription with Loose  Button, that you can get in your mail to test out 4 - 5 deluxe beauty sample products. You can go and check out their Loose Button Website You can click on the link.

When you slide the box to open it.. it is so exciting because you are slowly getting a sneak peek at what's inside. The first thing that I seen was.... a card personalized with my name and my blog name on it. I felt so special! ha ha :-P

As you can see above they also put a sticker with "Made for Shawna" I think that is so awesome that they do that for every person! In the description booklet they also personalize that as well!
They seriously know how to make a girl feel special!

Now on with the amazing things that came in it along with my thoughts and opinions!

Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance Vials - You are among the first in Canada to try this new product! Lise Watier Cosmétiques launches an express beauty fix perfect for women of all ages - and for any occasion. A concentrate of smoothing agaents and moisturizers for a lifting effect and instant radiance. Full Size: $27 (7 x 1 ml vials)
I have been wanting to try this out ever since I seen it at Shopper's Drug Mart. I was going to buy it but then decided not to. Good thing! Because now I get to test it out before commiting to a big spend :-)

Kératase Elixer Ultime - The elixer brings shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair while smoothing the hair fiber, resulting in incredible shine The multi-use elixer also helps restore strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressors. Full Size: $50 (125 ml)
This sounds amazing! I can't wait to try this out. But just so people know that this is a product of L'Oreal in case there are any of you who are against animal testing.

China Glaze Crackle (Full Size) in Oxidized Aqua - China Glaze Crackle Glaze Collection features innovative technology creates a deconstructed crackle design over your favorite shimmer, glitter or creme nail lacquer.
Once I seen that I got a crackle nail polish, I immediately tried it out! ha ha And I think I love this more than the regular crackle nail polish this adds a little more oompf to it. I really love this color on a bright purple. I tried it on numerous colors and the ones that I thought that it would look good on I didn't like but the ones that I didn't think would look good, look awesome! :-) Did that make sense? ha ha

Olay Professional Pro - X Eye Restoration Complex - This specialized treatment hydrates to restore the area to its optimum appearance by improving the look of crow's feet. Massaging it in reduces excess fluids to diminish dark circles and puffiness. Full Size: $60 (15 ml)

I tried this out after I took off my makeup. It was so soft around my eyes. (And still is and its the next day in the am) I didn't see immediate results but I will keep using it too see. I'm 26 and starting to lose a little bit of elasticity around my eyes. Nothing extreme but I notice it!

Lise Watier Plumissimo Le Gloss in Opalescence - Instantly makes your lips look fuller, sexier, 'poutier'. Dehydrated Hyaluronic Filling Spheres® penetrate small vertical lines and instantly expand upon contact with the natural water in your skin. Full Size: $20 (6.2 ml)

I put this on right away aswell! I couldn't help myself when I seen that it was a plumping lip gloss. I have tried many and they either burn or tingle so much that my lips hurt. This doesn't do that! I felt the tiniest amount of tingle and that was it. I did notice that it did plump my lips a little bit which was nice.

Last but not least they also put in a $25 off gift certificate of a $75 purchase of Dealuxe which was pretty cool! :-)

Thank so much again Loose Button! This was an awesome opportunity and I am so happy that I got a chance to be apart of the Loose Button team! *punches air* haha sorry I couldn't resist seemed like an "air punching" moment.

I hope you all liked the review! What are your thoughts on the  October Luxe Box?

Also a special thanks to Vintage Makeup :-)

As always thank you for reading! 


EOTD - Still Glamorus Eyeshadows

 I am seriously in love with Still Glamorus eyeshadows! <3

 Today I used Lala and Addicted

 I first primed my eyelid with elf's eyeshadow primer
I used milk's jumbo pencil in milk all over the lid. (I use to hate this but now I guess I learned how to apply it properly ha ha)
 I then took Lala and put that all over my eyelid and into the crease.
 I made a V using Addicted and lightly blended into the crease and lala lightly on the edges on top of addicted then blended with a fluffy brush.
 I used a flat angled brush and applied addicted on the outter lower lash bringing into the middle. And Lala in the inner corner. I also packed some more Lala into the eyelid to make it more vibrant
 I applied my eyeliner and applied falsies and mascara :-)

Here's a pic with flash but I was almost going to blink because of the flash ha ha :P
So it doesn't look that great!

Thank you for reading!


Review - Sugar Mama Sensual Spray

I bought the Sensual Spray in Sugar Mama from ebay last year... more than a year actually. :-) And I LOVE this sensual spray it seriously lasts a very long time. Of course depending on where you spray and how many times you spray and believe me you'll want to spray this bad boy all the time! *wink wink*

There are also many other scents in the Sensual Splash, Body Lotions, Solid Perfumes (for on the go), Bubble Bath, Massage Oils, Seduction Kits, Sample sizes for those just wanting to try it out. There are also Men's Cologne, and Pheromone Essence.

 Melissa from The Body Candy Shop describes the Sugar Mama scent as

A fragrance confection of pink cotton candy, with caramelized sugar, vanilla, & ripe strawberries. Very fresh and light, sexy-sweet! An attention getter & one of our most popular sellers! So luscious, it's almost edible! 

I must say I have to agree it smells so yummy! Everyone was commenting on it "where did I get it" "what's the name?" "Let me have a spray" ha ha. Lee said that I smelled like candy! :-D

You can spray this all over your body and not have it feeling oily, tacky or leaving a residue. I use to spray this on my neck and arms while I was at work. Then I would rub it in and it would seriously hydrate my dry arms! No joke! :-)

On her site she also recommends that you can also use this product in your hair, spray it on your linens, and also as air freshener! So many uses. I just wanted to spray it on myself and nothing else! 

There are pheromones in it. If you don't know what pheromones are they are chemicals that our body produces and gives off sending signals to the brain saying " hey hey" to the opposite sex.

Here is why pheromones are in the product: 

Why use pheromones?
Pheromones are a natural aphrodisiac produced in all men and women that give off olfactory scent signals, subconsciously triggering attraction. However, due to our modern lifestyles of daily showering and using deodorants, we wash away and mask most all of our natural pheromones. Also, pheromone production declines rapidly as we age. Therefore, Body Candy fragrances have pheromones added to supplement what has been lost or covered up. Some benefits of this include:

  • Heightened self-confidence & feelings of well-being
  • Being perceived as more attractive by the opposite sex
  • Others feeling drawn to you & making more connections
  • Rekindling a current relationship by increasing arousal

So why not smell good while attracting others? I don't have any complaints! 

Great customer service, great prices for what you are getting! Low shipping combination price! Amazing! What else can you ask for from an ebay store.

Stores like these are the reason why I buy from ebay. Not all stores and products on there are bad. :-)

A highly recommended one at that! 

Thank you for reading 


Spellbinding Nails Giveaway

Spellbinding nails is having an amazing nail accessories giveaway! It is seriously amazing... when I took a look I was like omg a winner is going to get all of that! 
I've always wanted to try out nail stamps!

Just go to that link above and fill out her form she has a more detailed description of everything! :-D

Glitterand Bubbles 100+ follower Giveaway

I am proud to type that I just entered Glitters and Bubbles giveaway!

The giveaway if for Fyrinnae's Halloween 2011 minis!!

She has swatches of the eyeshadows and they look amazing! <3

Just click on on her blog name above to be taken to her site so you can enter! Break a leg (ahem, not literally!!).... the other saying is just bad luck! haha


Review - Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Face Enhancer in Natural Glow

I bought this a few days ago and so far I like it. I was going to check out reviews before I committed to buying this but there wasn't any unfortunately. :-(

I got this powder palette in the shade Natural Glow. On the box it says
"Just the right color combination to provide a natural nude glow. Lightweight texture with sheer coverage delivers a natural matte finish. Made from the finest Italian talc and ideal for all skin types"
It is also for all skin tones as well! The texture is very soft and is supposed to provide a soft, natural color without a harsh monotone cast.

I do have to agree with this because I didn't want something that was going to be super shimmery when I went outside or a white cast when taking pictures. Which sadly some of these products do this to me because I am so dark skinned. I either sometimes use a powder like the fox in the box that provides the almost same thing for my skin tone but sometimes I want a natural looking glow rather than a shimmery glow. And you notice the bronze when I go outside on a summery day. But in pictures it makes my skin look flawless. (which I love and you ladies always comment on it.. this is why ha ha)

Physicians Formula's powder palette does have some shimmer in it but it isn't a whole lot which is what I had wanted. After I put on my primer and foundation I like to set my makeup with this. It just kinda pulls everything together nicely. I was a little iffy about this to begin with because of the color. I know it says for all skin tones but sometimes that for some reason its all skin tones but mine. I have such a hard time with foundation because of my skin color. :-( Its a real downer! So I am happy with this. :-)

As you can see it is a mosaic palette which is nice because it has a few spots of yellow and browns in it which is good for my skin tone. I don't know if you guys can see but it does have a few color spots that has a little shimmer in it. It is very subtle when its on your face. The white does and the yellow spot is more of a subtle shimmery color. The rest are matte. So there is a nice balance going on there.

Now, with the thing that I do not like about this product. The compact is really cute, however, it flips the palette up and there is a powder puff in the bottom of it. Also a mirror. I kinda don't like that. Not to mention it doesn't stay down when you open it. So if you have it in your hand and your putting it on and you swirl your brush in it, then tap and I don't know if any of you do this but I always tip my compact over and dust it out when I'm done. So the top flips over and smacks against the lid. Now the glue seems like it is coming loose on the pan so it might come out one of these days. :-/ hopefully it won't while I'm tapping it! ha ha But that just kinda makes it look like its cheaply made. Seeing how I just bought it! :-/

But other than that little thing I like it! I paid $13.51 can for this. It was $20.99 without taxes. I used my shopper's points for this. :-)

I was going to take a face picture but then I got lazy! ha ha :-P

As always thank you much for reading!



~*~ An Untitled Poem ~*~

I wrote a poem awhile ago and decided to share it with you! :-)

I'm not this girl you see
If you'd only get to know me,
That I'm not this girl you see
Unoriginal to a t
I'm not this girl you see
look into my eyes
I'm not this girl, you see
only seeing what you want
I'm not this girl you see
will you realize it and flee?
I'm not that girl, but me.

Thanks for reading


Where I get Inspiration From....

I am seriously a person who is a huge procrastinator!! So me doing a blog and keeping up with it is really big for me. And having followers really does help because you see that these people love what your posting about or else they wouldn't follow you. 

I sometimes feel like ..... {lots of random shit} <~~~~ basically when it comes to my blog and what to post about. Because there are so many other posts about the same thing that I bought... or want to purchase. And to make it appeal to people so that they'll want to read it. Those are just examples of things that go through my head. Its a huge jumble in there to be honest I'm always thinking and thinking and thinking... anyways ...

A blog I feel is a reflection of you... in a way its like a diary ... a little peak into your life. If you choose to. Does this make sense? Or am I talking in riddles and changing the subject too much?

Anyways, when this happens to me. I like to sit and search the web or read a book... sometimes I'll listen to music. Or hang with chase and watch cartoons with him. Sometimes I'll ask him what to post about haha he always says either ben 10 or spiderman haha maybe one day I'll post about those guys ha yeh right!

But these are just some things that give me inspiration to do what I want.... because really that's what matters. I guess what I'm trying to say is sometimes its hard to shut out all that clatter and to post about what you want. It is very selfless but sometimes we do need to a little bit selfish.



Did this make any sense? I know I only had one beer but I'm sure not that drunk to where it wouldn't make any at all! :-P

Take care!


EOTD - Purple Schmurple

Yesterday, I got a little surprise in the mail! I didn't realize that I had mail because I looked and didn't see anything. There are little peep holes in my mail box so I just took a quick look and didn't see anything. Well when Lee came home he handed me a package right away. I was so soo excited because I knew exactly what it was! It was the Still Glamorus eyeshadow from That'sSoRenee. I had entered her twitter giveaway and won! woot woot! :-) I got 5 eyeshadow pigments and a nail polish (will be a separate post) :-)

I am officially in love! <3 These pigments are so soft and blendable its insane! They are EXTREMELY affordable too! I am most def going to be buying some in the near future! :-)
Anyways, I decided to mess around with them and came up with this look!

I put Lala in the inner corner. Passion in the middle and Ex-Girlfriend in the outter corner and blended it all in the crease and lightly blended over the entire lid.

Then I decided to put Addicted over top of the Ex-Girlfriend. Blended it into the crease.
I lined my bottom with addicted in the outter corner brought that into the inner eye lightly.
  Then I took Passion and lined over top creating a gradient effect. The Lala was in the inner corner... if you didn't catch that. :-)

My camera stinks! :-( The colors are alot more vibrant in the real!
I then put on liquid eyeliner and put on falsies. :-)

I hope you enjoyed! 

As always thank you for reading!



•nʝennifer's ჩlog❤: My first mini give away! ~

•nʝennifer's ჩlog❤: My first mini give away! ~: Hello people! yes its true, i finally hosted a give away! Just wanted to thank all my lovely followers! even though its 'mini' i still h...

EOTD - In The High Seas

Today, I wanted to do a blue eye just like the one I did yesterday!

Again I used my 120 pro palette. :-) Enjoy...

 I love this in some light it really looks turquoisey (I just made that up) ha ha

 Here it looks green...

Same with this one!

That's why I named this In The High Seas.... sometimes its very deceiving and looks blue... then it looks green at times.

Well I just figured I would share this with you!

Sorry I don't feel like posting every color that I used! :-)

Thanks for reading!


EOTD - I'm Green with Envy

Today I wasn't up to much I got up early and totally slacked all day long! ha ha
Sometimes you just need one of those days! It was good then for some reason Facebook totally just pissed me off! haha I'm good now though! ;-)

Here are a few pics of the look that I did today. It started off looking really unwearable but then once I put on eyeliner and winged it out then put on my falsies... it looks like something that I would wear out! ha ha

 I used my 120 pro palette I seriously love this thing soo much I bought it from ebay for $13 w/o shipping It is the manly one.
 I used three different greens.

For a base I used wet n wild's eyeshadow stick. but I don't like it, it creases even with a primer and using very little! :-(
 Beautiful color its in the shade envy... I mostly use it now for smokey eyes if I want a different color instead of just black

I also rimmed my waterline with the blue one I can't remember the name of it! ha ha
Also I used my physicians formula eyeliner!

I got bored! ha ha and wanted to do a post! :-P

Thanks for reading!



Mini Manicure - How I Do It

I do this about once a week

 I clean my hands, take off any nail polish I had on previously. 

Then I apply Sally Hansens Instant Cuticle Remover. Leave it on for 15 seconds then I use my cuticle pusher and gently push my cuticles and rub them with the cuticle pusher and do this on the sides as well then I wash that hand and do that to the other side. 

Then I soak my nails in warm/hot water for about 5 minutes and rub my cuticles and around my nail beds with a dry face cloth and it takes off any extra dry skin the cuticle remover didn't get.

I shape my nails. I prefer the square shape. Then I use my four sided buffer nail file (I bought mine from Walmart for like $3) I use each side for about a minute following the numbers. I also do this to the ends of my nails so that they aren't super sharp. This helps stimulate your nail beds! And make them shiny and healthy looking.

Next I put on the JR Watkins cuticle salve around my nails and let it soak in for about 15-20 minutes then I rub it in... I also rub it in my nail beds aswell.

Next, I will put on a nail strengthener like Sally Hansen's Triple Strength Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier. 

Then I will apply nail polish if I choose to.

Sorry if you wanted pictures but its pretty self explanatory. You can alter it how you choose.. some people soak their fingers in oils and lemon juice. I just do warm water it works just as good.
I like using the cuticle remover because cutting the cuticles doesn't always work out the way you want... you sometimes end up with even uglier cuticles. they will dry up and start peeling more and its not a pretty sight! :-(

Another things as well if you are going to shape your nails into a square keep an eye on your nails on a daily basis they tend to be more weaker than a more natural shape.

I hope you liked this!



Nail of the Week - #1

 (What I am holding: J.R. Watkins hand & cuticle salve in mango)

 I love how french tips look! I'd rather have french tips all the time than a full on nail polish all over the nail! I think on my nails, nail polish all over it just doesn't look right! ha ha :-P I've been growing out my nails for the past month or so and I've been using Sally Hansen's Triple Strength Advanced Gel Nail fortifier ... so far I really like it! I use it as a base coat and top coat which makes your nail look super shiny! I loves it!

Okay so on to what I did....

 I started off using the sally hansens then when that dried. I applied nail guides (I use nailenes) it has like 90 or so of them and they also come with the toe nail guides aswell. (another post later on, on how to use them on your nails)

applied white nail polish and I peel it off right away (nail guides) because to me I get a cleaner line and if you mess up its easy to wipe off with a q-tip & nail polish remover (the pointed q-tip ones, it makes it easier also)

I then wait for them to dry. Next up this was a little tricky because I used an old nail polish haha I wanted pink bows! ;-) to make them its easier to think of making to small hearts that meet at the ends. You can use a toothpick to help with this. But I just used the nail polish wand thats why it was tricky and the crappy nail polish! haha

I start with the middle dot first then to small dots on either side to make the bow. As I previously typed think of two hearts it will be easier. A toothpick will help move the nail polish where you want it. When it starts to look like a bow I stop. It doesn't need to look super perfect! ;-)

 I let that dry then applied some glitter nail polish on top of them and a little jewel to jazz it up!

If you don't like going super crazy but want maybe one nail with some pizazz to it doing something like this is gorgeous! And its super easy! 

Don't like white? Instead of white you can use any other color you want and maybe put some glitter nail polish just over top of that color! That looks just as beautiful!

Also the nail guides are super sticky! They just might take off your base coat! It did with mine so what I do is put it on my skin to take away most of the stickyness then apply it to your nail.

Thanks for reading!



GKhair Serum & Taming System

Last week I finally got GK Hair Serum in the mail!!! I won this by entering on their facebook fan page. And entering on youtube. I thought that I was going to be getting a sample size but I got a full size which is pretty cool! :-)

The company was called Global Keratin but now they are rebranding their name as GKhair. 

I will go into a little bit of a detailed description as to what the hair serum does. This product has Juvexin in it which helps smooth out the surface of the hair shaft. I guess it puts a protective barrier over it that helps prevent breaking and further more damage to your hair. 

I personally really really love this product! I am so grateful that I got the chance to try it out! I felt immediate results! The smell is alright .. it kinda has like a vanilla lavender musk smell to it. I can also smell argan oil as well. I just use a little bit.. not even a full pump! about half of one for my hair! and I concentrate on the ends working my way up. I do use this on damp hair but you can also use it on dry. I have done so and I like it both ways. But I felt that using it on damp hair you feel the results instantaneously after blow drying. I am in love! Thank you GKhair! :-)

Here is their website! GKhair's website 

Thank you for reading!



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