Pinky Paradise Lens Review


A few days ago I finally received my circle lenses in the mail! I was soo excited to finally be getting these!! 
I paid $23.90 for these and a $6.00 shipping and handling charge. I also used a gurus promotion code which was very odd because it took off only 1 cent!?! The guru said that you would get a free lens case and a free gift as well.

As it turns out I received a hair velcro thing. I have been wanting one of these for ever!! But I always forget when I check things out on ebay! :-) So I super happy about that It comes with two pieces of velcro!

I also got a little animal lens case... I can never tell these things apart! But I've gotten circle lenses before and usually a company sends you one just for buying from them... I know that if you didn't use the code then you wouldn't get the extra free gift (velcro in my case) so I don't know if they send the lens case to you without the guru code unfortunately. If thats the case then that's pretty lame!

Also I was kinda shocked to see that the glass lens viles were only wrapped in tissue paper inside the postal package. I mean it has been cold weather outside so if these would have gotten bumped the viles would have broken!

I had purchased some lenses from another circle lens company and they sent the lenses in a cute gift box. So I very appreciative of that. The postage did take awhile. But that was due to Canada Post being a slow ass after receiving the package after customs viewed the package. :-( They waited a full week after customs was done before sending it out!!

Also I came to find that they didn't provide a paper of instructions and a "
what not to do & what to do" paper with the purchase. As they sell circle lenses they are different than your usual contact lenses. There are so many people out there who have never used them before. I mean they should be warning their clients a little better! I know how to take care of lenses but I am also very cautious when it comes to my eyes. 

Alot of people aren't especially first timers thinking that its a snap. They do have this info on their site but its at the bottom... very useless for first timers! It should be at the top so that people can see.. also since it isn't in a good place they should be putting a paper inside every order regardless of who it is. It just shows that they care. thats all.. its those extra things that companies do that makes you feel special. I also didn't receive an invoice. :-(

But all in all I am happy with my lenses. I just thought that they would be a little more brighter. They should have a warning about that too! haha

Here is a picture with the lenses on! I love them... they are darker than my usual Geo Ash Wing ones but oh well... I still haven't figured out good eye makeup to where with these! haha

Here is a picture without flash and with flash... since my eyes are very dark almost black. So, they turn out to be a nice warm brown. Which is ok.. but I like my eyes to stand out. These lenses are 15 mm. So I get that big doll eye effect. My Geo Ash Wing ones are 14.5 I still get it but it isn't as dramatic

I have purchased from CandyLens and Pinky Paradise. I have a full review of the Candy Lens purchase here if you are interested Candylens Review

As always thank you very much for reading!



 I went to Shopper's Drug Mart about a week and a half ago. I had seen that they were having a sale on the Garnier Skin Naturals face products. So of course I had to get some because I've never tried them before! I also was in search of a face scrubber thingy! And I finally found one at my local Zellers!!! It's by Alpen and it was in this huge package and here is the bonus it was seriously like $1.50!! I was so happy because I was searching everywhere and I couldn't find one!

 The Garnier cleanser and toner were around $8 dollars each. The moisturizer was about $11 dollars.. (rounding them off to the nearest dollar.)

 I am really loving my new skin care routine and so is my face! I did break out the day after but now that i'm using these day and night they are going away. Also with the scrubber thingy my face has seriously never felt so clean. After the first use I was in love! I don't feel the need to use it in the morning but at night I do. If I don't exfoliate regularly then I notice that my face is dull.. I get clogged pores faster no matter what I use to cleanse my face with... my face flakes and over produces sebum. My face hates me if I miss cleansing it regularly. :-(

 I didn't really like the smell of the Garnier products because they are the Grape Water ones for normal to combination skin. But it has grown on me and I do like it now.

 Next, I had wanted to change foundation because the ones that I was using before just made me feel too oily even though it said that all skin types could use it... which is a total lie... I guess they meant all skin types excluding mine! :-(
 I love this... but I got it a shade too light for me! :-( This was also on sale at my Shopper's Drug Mart for $13.99!! Alot of their Revlon stuff was on sale. I was going to stock up but good thing I didn't grab a bunch in this shade... I could have returned the others if I did but that would have been too much of a hassle for me! haha

Next up was our last stop and that was to La Senza! *sigh* this store is my fav! I am in love with everything in that store! Sadly this time I only bought their 5 panties for something sale.. I can't remember.. I can only remember the awesomeness of the panties! haha :-P I also got the 2 bras for something sale! haha I'm so sorry I can't remember the prices but if you live in Canada then you'd know about these sales because they have them basically all the time! ;-)

Sorry for taking so long to post! I've been super tired lately and a few times I did try and post but I would sit here and not know to post about. I have all of the pictures of the items that I've been receiving the past week and half or so. So, expect to see those posts coming up very soon!

Again, I apologize for being a total lazy ass! :-P

Thank you for being an awesome follower! You have no idea how much it means to me! 

I <3 each and every one of you!


Cleopatra's Choice Mail

 I was super excited to receive this in the mail! This is the second time winning something from Facebook! :-) Cleopatra's Choice Argan Oil for Face, Body and Hair.

 It is pure, raw, unrefined argan oil. I don't use this on my hair, or face because I have enough products with argan oil in it that I use on my hair already! And I just don't feel like this is good for my skin. I will try it out and see how it goes and post about it in case any of you were wondering. :-)

So I use this on my body when I get out of the shower.

I don't fully wipe all of the water off because it helps with oils being able to move around easier on your skin. I apply this immediately after getting out. I don't apply alot. I use to use baby oil on my body because I found that my skin looked and felt amazing after. Now some people don't like using oils on their skin but thats only because they don't know how much to put on and usually tend to over due it!
 The left over water on your skin helps with this method also when you just get out of the shower your pores are open so your skin will soak all of it up when it dries this is the best time to put oils on your skin.

I only use one pump at a time and really massage it in as far as the oil will let me go. When that pump is all gone I will grab another and keep repeating the process all over my body.

As you can see above it is clear.. it does have a smell but its very faint and indescribable. It also goes away right away anyways so that's not a huge deal at all.

This is great for that winter dry skin that we tend to get. Right now it is on sale for $34.95 regular priced at $44.00 on their site Cleopatra's Choice. Now if you think thats too much than you most definitely can use baby oil. 

Only the smallest amount at first and work in sections and massage it in well. And it is a must to use after you get out of the shower or bath. Afterwards, my skin is silky smooth and it lasts awhile! I mean we use it on babies why not on ourselves?

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Love of the Week - #5

I have been wanting to buy Annabelle eye shadows for some time now. I was going to buy their regular eye shadow pigments but then seen these. These are their eyeshadow pigment dusts. Which you place over top of another eyeshadow and blend to change the effect that a regular eyeshadow would give.

 These are very shimmery and look duo chrome. Just soo gorgeous!
 If you try and use these by themselves they will come off unless you use them wet.

The one on the Left is called "Prism" it is a beautiful white that has a pearly pinky/purply iridescence to it. (Right) This one is called "Violet Vibe" .. *sighs* it is soo gorgeous... words can't even describe it!

 I wish that I had better lighting to show you guys these on top of the black eye shadow better. This picture just doesn't do it justice at all! It makes me sad.

I bought these from my Shopper's Drug Mart for $5.99 each, they were on sale. I was thinking about getting some more but I think I just might get their regular eyeshadow pigments and try those out.

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Christmas Giveaway by Miss Holly

Miss Holly: Miss Holly - NARS Christmas Giveaway: The winner gets to choose a NARS Blush, NARS Lipgloss, and a NARS Lipstick! Have you entered yet? Just follow her instructions to be entered! :-)

Love of the Week - #4

I seriously totally forgot about these posts! :-(
I am going to start doing these again! I love showing you guys my love during that week. Because what I love changes alot! ha ha typical female

I have been loving Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer in Classic

 I bought this a few weeks ago from my Shopper's Drug Mart. And I love it. I have been using this every day basically... well... before I'm going to apply my foundation. I noticed that when I was using the Rimmel primer that it was making my face even more oily than it normally was. It was seriously pissing me off because I wasn't that oily to begin with. I couldn't figure out why I was so oily for the longest time. Then figured out that it was the stupid rimmel. :-(

I am a little iffy about clear primers just because I love the smashbox hybrid 2 n 1 primer in bare canvas. I get a nice illuminated glow from it. But the Gosh is nice I just wish they would make something like the smashbox one, because it hides my flaws so then I use less makeup in the long run.

This does smooth out my skin so no complaints there. Its very slick to the touch and also it is very velvety!  I hate having to use more makeup than I want to!
With taxes I paid about $26 can for this. I'm not too impressed with the price.
I want to try out the Quo face primer next! :-)

Thanks for reading


Yesterday's FOTD - Simple Pin Up

It's amazing what a winged out liner and a red lipstick can do!

I primed my eyelids
 then put a matte beige all over the lid
 I chose a nice matte brown that was maybe 2 - 3 shades darker than my skin tone and contoured the crease.
 I then used my physicians formula liquid eyeliner pen and created a winged line
I then decided to use the rimmel lipstick in shade alarm on my lips. (I love it)
I also contoured my cheek bones
 I didn't want to look bronzy so I used my physicians formula face enhancer powder in nude glow review here 
 I then wanted to have a nice flush of color on my cheeks so I used tarte's cheek stain in tickled. Concentrating on my cheek bone and lightly bringing it onto the apples of the cheek.
Curled my lashes then used Rimmel's lycra lash extender mascara

Its crazy how a lipstick can change the look. I personally don't like to wear lipstick because I hate having to re-apply it all the time! Also I don't like how if a person doesn't re-apply when they should .. it just looks horrible! ha
 But this one is pretty nice and it smells like candy! yum!

I decided to show a black and white one just too see how it looked :-P

Thanks for reading


❤ GKhair Mail ❤

 I had previously won the GKhair's fan of the week on their facebook fanpage!

I had received a shampoo and conditioner from them and I seriously love these more than the dove shampoo and conditioner.. sorry dove! I do!
 When washing my hair with the shampoo, my hair seriously already felt conditioned. I haven't ever felt that with a shampoo! Then when I used the conditioner it felt even more silkier! I kid you not. I had received a number 3 on the moisturizing scale... I wonder how the 4 feels?! probably even more amazing!

The consistency of both are very thick. But the conditioner is even more thick it feels like a hair mask with how thick it is. The shampoo looks pearlescent.

The shampoo and conditioner also smell amazing!

 If you haven't already checked out GKhair then you should because the products seriously speak for themselves. I was so lucky that I had won twice from them. I feel so lucky! I am defiantly a GKhair fan even more now! <3

Here is a link to their website! GKhair's website

Also, they package their items very well! When I type well its insane packaging! I unwrapped a huge box to find another box inside! Then I opened that box to find a whole bunch of brown paper in it! Then each product was individually wrapped a bunch of times too! I should have taken a picture! ha ha then the bottles had this awesome sticker on the lid that was seriously majorly sticky. So that was very appreciated that they take the time to package everything so there aren't any spills!

Thank you so much for reading


DIY Honey & Salt Face Mask

Hey ladies, so lately my skin has been very oily. :-( I have combination skin. So my forehead, nose, chin and little on my cheeks get super oily at times. 

All you need is...


Yes just these two items is all you need for an awesome diy face mask. If you don't have oily/combination skin then I suggest using sugar instead. :-)

I use 1 teaspoon of Honey, and 1 teaspoon of salt. We don't want this to drip all over the place so it should be pretty thick and gritty.

Then you put this on a clean face. Massage it in gently we don't want to hurt ourselves! :-) Then leave on for 10 - 15 minutes or until its dried. Then wash it off.

Your face will feel so great after! Now I noticed that I didn't get as oily through out the day. But this is for me. who knows how it will be for you. But I do know that, this is great for your skin.

You could also mix up a bigger batch to use in the shower as well for that dry winter skin! :-)

Let me know how it goes! I love hearing about other peoples experiences with diy stuff! :-)

Thanks for reading,

❤ Sideshow By The Sea Mail ❤

I was so excited about these! I had won a giveaway hosted by sassyNpunk featuring Sideshow By The Sea. i won a $30 gift certificate to their website. :-)

So I picked out the "Kick Rocks" Rings. These are two one finger rings. Really nice. I actually have an idea to jazz these babies up and bling them out so they stand out more!
Then I also picked out a necklace. I picked the Skulls & Angels Necklace. I just love this! It is the perfect length its not too long it hangs probably just above my belly button. Its very light weight which is nice.

The rings are nice they aren't a two finger ring so its easy to move your fingers around. They have an adjustable ring prong.
As you can see the necklace has alot of charms but its not "gotty" and chunky its still kick ass but kept feminine. I just love skulls!!

I was going to do a huge mail post but there was just too much and too many pictures

So,  I decide to post them at different times.

Thanks for reading


My Contest Entry

I had wanted to show you guys my contest entry. I would love the feedback.. may it be negative or postive! :-)

I want to get better. 

I had gotten inspiration from the shapeshifter pictures and I love eagles. My dad was obsessed with eagles.. he still is. He believes that whenever he sees one its going to bring him luck. Especially if he finds an eagle feather. Whenever he sees one thats all he talks about for months! ha ha

My family has taught me to be happy about my heritage and to embrace it.

For that I am so thankful. Although, I don't speak my native tongue. I am envious of those who can.

Anyways this is my entry to the makeup geek weekly contest that they are hosting right now. It is the Native American Inspired. 

If you love putting on makeup then I highly suggest you to enter! :-)
Even if you don't win it gives you practice to get better! 

Here is the link Makeup Geek Forum

All Things Marie's Giveaway FT. Stages of Beauty

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The giveaway ends Nov. 3rd

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