Motives Lustrafy HD Mascara - Review

I personally hate mascara with a passion!! LOL

I can never get the results that I want and in the amount of time that I want.
Call me me fussy, picky... what have you. But when I'm using a product I want it to work the way
it says that it will! haha

I am more of a natural looking mascara wearer. 
I don't like clumpy messes and I see it alot actually. :-(

But I've found two products that work wonderfully for me. I was trying it out for some time because
I couldn't get the primer to work right for me. I was quickly applying the mascara right after the primer and not waiting for it to dry which was a BIG NO NO!! lol

Here is a picture of the Motives Lustrafy HD Mascara in Onyx and the Lash Primer

I also waited for the mascara to dry out a little bit. For me I notice that my lashes tend to stick more easily together so I spend more time on them. Which I don't like. :-)

I haven't noticed any smudging at all wearing these two which is awesome! With some of the others that I have I notice that if I don't wear any eyeshadow it smudges at the bottom. :-(

Here is a picture of me wearing both of the products.

In my previous pictures without falsies on you can notice that my eyelashes look pretty much non existent haha 

Here is what the brush looks like for the Lustrafy HD Macara

Here is what the brush looks like for the Lash Primer

I noticed that even without the primer my lashes still stay curled all day long. The primer though helps the mascara adhere better so that it doesn't rub off. It does add a little bit of volume but you'd want a volumizing mascara for those results. I don't get much volume with the mascara but I do get more length and definition with it. Which is what I love.

I am so happy with these two products! Definitely check out Motives because you get high end results for less!
Here is my Motives Ad for Nor Cal Gold Motives Team
on facebook.

Picture from Twistful Beauty on facebook

You can buy it from here:

And make sure you use my email address as a referral please -

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed my post.

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Disclaimer: I was sent these items for promotion from Nor Cal Gold Motives Team all reviews are my own in my own words. 

Vampy Ring

Yes! I have another jewelery post but this time it's for a ring.

I bought this from ebay also for like  $1.19 CAN haha 

When I find things that are around $1 or less I buy it simply because I want to see if it is good quality or if it's complete crap! :-P

My curiosity get's the better of me sometimes..

This is another thing that I love! Not just because it's of vampire fangs but it is also a double finger ring

Which for some reason I can never find a reasonably priced one that I just love... until now. :-)

It's a pretty heavy ring too which I was surprised.. I was expecting it to be kinda cheap but super cute to wear.

Because I have dainty hands haha rings are hard for me to wear unless they are small and dainty also.. big rings overwhelm my small hands and look gaudy most of the time. But this isn't too bad to wear.. I just love the vampire fangs! haha

Here is where I bought the item Vampire Teeth Ring

Thank you for reading


Great Ebay Find :-)

I really love ebay! Let me tell you why...

I am a huge bargain hunter! I absolutely hate paying a large amount for things.. I guess you can kinda say that I'm cheap.. lmao .. but only when necessary. 

I always seems to find cute things on ebay for a ridiculously small amount... and free shipping too! ha ha

This is what I found about 3 weeks ago.

I am in love with this bracelet! I was always looking for either a bracelet or a cute necklace with the evil on it but could never find anything anywhere, where I live.. so I finally looked on ebay and found this.

At first I didn't think that it was going to look anything like the picture because they state that in with the item description especially if it's from china haha

I normally don't like bracelet's or necklaces unless its something that I really want and like.

When I opened it.. I have to admit that I was a little excited about it. Not only is it awesome getting stuff in the mail but I love the feeling of it. 

I only paid $2.74 CAN for it and free shipping.. the only thing with buying items from china most times is that it takes a bit but that's okay I love waiting and checking my mailbox everyday until I finally do get it. :-D

Here is the ebay seller that I bought from. I was extremely happy with it. 

Thank you for reading



Hello Giveaway Junkies.. ahem.. I'm one too so this is soo awesome to share this with all of you!!

I have 7 YES! 7 rafflecopter giveaways to share!! So this is going to be a HUGE POST!! haha

So make sure and check them out!!

So here it starts... (da dun duuuun) <--- lol at my drum roll

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All are for a $75 Amazon Voucher to use at your own disposal! How sweet is that?!?

Let me know what you would get with your $75 voucher if you won. :-)

Thank you for reading and sharing is caring ♥

disclaimer: this was a sponsored/paid blog post :-)

New Look ft. Candii Blossom Cosmetics

So I figured it was about time that I actually posted something ha ha

So, sorry it took me so long but I am hoping that I can post more...

yeh yeh I had typed this before and didn't ha ha

But I want to because I honestly miss it.. I also had a few extra minutes

Alot of people don't follow me on facebook and so I wanted to share a look that I did

alot of people use to like my makeup posts so I want to share it with you again

So, I did this look the other day I did two different looks using Dyak by Candii Blossom Cosmetics

I am in love with this eyeshadow! It looks brown but kinda looks purplish and has an undertone of copper I believe it is. It is sooo gorgeous! 

So with that said I hope that you enjoy the looks <3 p="p">

The look above I used Dyak wet with the Without A Trace Foiling Serum and blended out the edges for a nice smokey look. :-)
The look above I used Dyak only in the crease and outter v and lotus on the lid. (also found at Candii Blossom Cosmetics
I also used falsies by Kiss in no.3's

I loved this look for work. I did also wear the first look at work also because it is a soft smokey look.

I hope that you enjoyed the looks. If there are any looks that you want to see using Candii Blossom Cosmetics then let me know! I have lot's but not all of them ha ha 

So I'll see what I can do if I don't have the colors 

<3 p="p">

Jungle Contest Winners!!!!!!

Ok, so this was probably the most hardest thing I had to do!!

There were so many great entries.. I seriously wish I could give each of you a prize because they were sooo good! <3

I really hope that this doesn't discourage anyone from entering any more contests because YOUR entries were indeed amazing!

1 Newbie and 1 Expert

Ok so the winners are..... (duh duh dunnnnnnnnnnnnn) ← like my drum roll .. lol

Newbie Winner is

Melissa A K Figaro-Mills


Expert Winner is

Jessica Cushman

I also have another one which we added later on

This entry is the Fan Favorite because she did an amazing job. The blending skills there... like seriously.. I wish I had those skills!

Ohhh yess the winner of that ... ha ha

Martyna Malice

Also Martyna we need to discuss a few things so if you would kindly email me on facebook and we will discuss them privately ... don't worry its nothing bad ha ha ;-)

 Ladies, just message me your address on facebook and I will get your prizes mailed out on Tuesday!! :-D  Also I will forward your address' to Allechant Mineral Cosmetics so they can send those goodies out to you. :-)

Thank you everyone for your amazing entries! Just because you didn't win this time there is always a next time! :-) I haven't won a makeup contest as of yet but thats not going to stop me and it shouldn't stop you either! <3





GIVEAWAY: Pigment from Candii Blossom Cosmetics

This is a GIVEAWAY for a newly released eyeshadow called Dragon Wings!!

Just fill out the rafflecopter provided by following the link

It's sooooo simple and fast!!

It is only open for the weekend only!!!!

You can enter here on their blog :-)



Amazon Kindle Giveaway by Casino Mate

Here is an awesome giveaway from Casino Mate 

To win an Amazon Kindle Touch 3G!!

Just enter using the rafflecopter below OR You can enter on their site Casino Mate 

The more you enter the higher your chances are!

Good luck! <3

 You can also find Casino Mate on anyone of these sites:

Good Luck again :-)

*This is a sponsored post*

Jungle Inspired Makeup Contest

Ok, so I had to move the contest over to blogger simply because facebook was crackin down on their rules. A bunch of fanpages were being deleted sadly .. so I didn't want that happening.. I also didn't want to stop the contest! So from now on the giveaways and contests will be hosted here ONLY! I will post on facebook, twitter, tumblr.. where ever to let you guys know of when I'm having one! :-)



1. Your look must be Jungle Inspired Themed or Has to do something with the theme in order for it to count. I'm giving you lot's of room to play around with this! ANYTHING GOES as long as it has to do with the theme!
2. Must be a fan of my page Twistful Beauty
4. 18 years old or older or have parent or guardians permission.
5. US and Canada ONLY!
6. Must have Twistful Beauty somewhere visible and NOT Photoshopped in!
7. It can be a collage... please don't ask me to do it because I'm not very good at it ha ha but here is something that I found and it helped me out alot
8. This is NOT a likes contest. It will be judged by me and a couple other people
9.This contest is no way endorsed by Facebook. OR Blogger
10. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
11.  You can email it to me at

NO PHOTOSHOPPING WHAT SO EVER! The only editing should be doing the collage :-)

By entering you are agreeing to these rules.

I will be sending the items out myself unless a sponsor wants to send additional items out to the winners.

Have Fun and Good Luck! ♥

 1st Prize Winner will get:
4 samples - Hyacinth, Wolfie, Hello Kitty, Peppermint.
Dime'er Primer
Without A Trace Foiling Serum

*All were purchased by me and is NOT sponsored*

I may add a few extra items to each bundles.

 2nd Prize Winner will get:
 4 samples by Candii Blossom Cosmetics - Green with Envy, Twisted Metal,Naked, Badtz Maru.
Nude Bubblegum Balm
Batz Maru Sparkly ring

*All items were purchased by me and is NOT sponsored*

Again I may add a few items later on. :-)

Also a sponsor was kind enough to contact me and offer to sponsor a few items 

Each winner will get two items randomly.

Allechant Mineral Cosmetics will be sponsoring a few items to the contest!! So make sure and thank them for doing so ♥

Ok, I'm not sure who gets what but when I find out I will update this.. it may be a surprise! ;-)

Any 1 of these two lip glosses

And Any 2 of the color blocking lip glosses

And a 5 gram jar of Hot Cherry Mineral eyeshadow.

Here are the entries that I received so far <3

Thank you so much for reading!

Face Maskin It

Me just chillin with my face mask on today! lol I wish I could wear one all day long!! I love face masks... although I have been neglecting wearing them as of late! 

Is it horrible that I'm starting to get fine lines.. they aren't noticeable but I can notice and I hate hate it! :-( Makes me feel old already and I'm not even thirty another 3 years and I will be though.. LOL.. I was hoping that I wouldn't get any until I was least 40 bahaha I know I'm stretching but hey.. its every woman's dream right? haha

What are your favorite face masks?

Thanks for reading!

Love of the Week - #6

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I am in love with mine! I had originally bought the one in the neutralizer shade which was amazing!
I had used it to conceal underneath my foundation and my skin looked awesome. :-) 
The sponge on the top kind of got me angry to begin with so I ripped it off and thought that I wrecked it! ha ha But it was perfectly fine. Not to mention it made applying it a little easier. I was reading and was skeptical about how the sponge has this stuff that is anti-bacterial in it.
That's why I pulled it off and it was taking waaay too long for the product to come out. hehe I am so impatient! :-P

Then I decided to try out the regular one in medium and fell in love even more! I use this for underneath my eyes mostly. I don't apply it anywhere else because even though it is creamy it does look cakey on top of foundation. :-( This one I did not take the sponge off! :-) I waited for the product to come out... and waited... and waited.. then it finally did! ha ha Then realized that it wasn't so bad.. I just hope that bacteria isn't building on it! :-/

I'm sorry I can't even remember how much it was but it has lasted me a super long time! Which is the point of buying things you want your monies worth! ha ha Well you do get your monies worth with these! <3

Have you tried them?

Thank you for reading!


Until next time (and there will be a next time) ;-)


Ok, so it's been waaaayy too long since I posted! About a month but when you have someone constantly stealing the computer! It makes it hard to post sometimes.

I know I've typed this before but I really want to start posting more at least once a week! This is just a quick post to let you guys know that! And I will be doing Friday Favs again too! So keep an eye out for that post tomorrow! ;-)

I miss posting I miss this little bit of venting ha ha I miss reading your comments! My blog was an important part of my life for the longest time and I don't want to give it up!

Thank you to everyone who is still following my blog it seriously means the world to me! <3

And make sure and keep an eye out for that blog post tomorrow! Friday Favs! It was called Love of The Week... I guess I could keep it.. I don't know let me know what you think? :-)

Thank you,


Nebulas and Stars Look Ft. Candii Blossom Cosmetics

Here is another quick look that I did using Candii Blossom Cosmetics.

I hope that you enjoy it! 


Elf eyelid primer
Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in Absorbed
Using Torque all over the lid
Twisted Metal in the crease
Pocahontas right above Twisted Metal and blended

And that's it!  :-)

Thank you for reading


Yess, and I posted!!

So, sorry that I haven't been on in soo long! :-( I feel like a major ass here. I had worked so hard the past 6 months on my blog. It seems I let it slide for a few months then I come back full force. That isn't fair to you guys and I'm sorry. Thank you to all of you who have stayed and to those who unfollowed sorry but I do have a life outside blogging, facebooking, twittering, tumblring. 

Being a promoter is fun because I get to create looks using somebodies products. It's what I wanted to do on here. Its what I live for doing makeup! I feel great doing it and someday I hope to be a makeup artist.

So, without further ado! A new look. <3

I already posted this on twitter letting some of you know that I would be posting on my blog aswell!

In this e/s look I used 

Elf eyeshadow primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Pocahontas - outter v and crease
Coronita - lid

Such a nice look. This is probably one of my favs because it is soo vibrant and I'm only using two e/s here! <3

I always get compliments on this e/s whenever I go somewhere!

You can buy them here - CBC Website

You can find me here - On Facebook

You can find CBC - On Facebook

You can find CBC - On Twitter

I seriously hope that you guys enjoyed the new look! I have a few more but I will post them one after the other. Most likely post that one tomorrow! I am slowly trying to steal the computer BACK! Some crazy monster has taken it over for world of warcraft! And I MISS YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY!!

So you will be seeing more of me on here, twitter, tumblr, anywhere that I can post my new looks I am going to. I really want to try and get the CBC name out there more! So if you have any suggestions that would be awesome.

Thank you for reading!


Giveaway Over At - SweetPea And Fay

SweetPea And Fay: Spring Time Giveaway!
A Giveaway to celebrate the ...


 Spring Time Giveaway! A Giveaway to celebrate the launch of our newest product, "Delicious Summer" not to mention we recently hit 1,000 fol...


To continue reading click the link above


Good Luck!





New Looks ft. Candii Blossom Cosmetics

So sorry that I haven't been posting on here. :-( I've been busy with facebook and Lee isn't working so he's on here all the time. I get on and if I get off for just a second he jumps on here and kicks me off :-(

I do have a few looks that I came up with since I got my new goodies :-)

I hope that you like them.

In the picture above I used
Coronita - all over lid
Torque - crease and bottom lashline (under)

In the above picture I used
Wolfie - all over lid
Pocahontas - crease
Torque - under bottom lashline

In the above picture I used
Keroppi - lid and inner crease blending into torque.
Torque - crease and bottom lashline

In the picture above I used
Twisted Metal - all over lid and into the crease slightly
Pocahontas - crease and bottom lashline 
Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in Absorbed

Where to get Candii Blossom Eyeshadows - link
Where to find me on facebook - link
Where to find Candii Blossom Cosmetics on facebook - link

I will TRY to post the new looks as they come but some punk keeps stealing the computer than I may be doing these types of posts where I will post them all right in the same one. :-(

I still love you guys! <3 I didn't forget about you!!

much love lovelies

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