Motives Lustrafy HD Mascara - Review

I personally hate mascara with a passion!! LOL

I can never get the results that I want and in the amount of time that I want.
Call me me fussy, picky... what have you. But when I'm using a product I want it to work the way
it says that it will! haha

I am more of a natural looking mascara wearer. 
I don't like clumpy messes and I see it alot actually. :-(

But I've found two products that work wonderfully for me. I was trying it out for some time because
I couldn't get the primer to work right for me. I was quickly applying the mascara right after the primer and not waiting for it to dry which was a BIG NO NO!! lol

Here is a picture of the Motives Lustrafy HD Mascara in Onyx and the Lash Primer

I also waited for the mascara to dry out a little bit. For me I notice that my lashes tend to stick more easily together so I spend more time on them. Which I don't like. :-)

I haven't noticed any smudging at all wearing these two which is awesome! With some of the others that I have I notice that if I don't wear any eyeshadow it smudges at the bottom. :-(

Here is a picture of me wearing both of the products.

In my previous pictures without falsies on you can notice that my eyelashes look pretty much non existent haha 

Here is what the brush looks like for the Lustrafy HD Macara

Here is what the brush looks like for the Lash Primer

I noticed that even without the primer my lashes still stay curled all day long. The primer though helps the mascara adhere better so that it doesn't rub off. It does add a little bit of volume but you'd want a volumizing mascara for those results. I don't get much volume with the mascara but I do get more length and definition with it. Which is what I love.

I am so happy with these two products! Definitely check out Motives because you get high end results for less!
Here is my Motives Ad for Nor Cal Gold Motives Team
on facebook.

Picture from Twistful Beauty on facebook

You can buy it from here:

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Disclaimer: I was sent these items for promotion from Nor Cal Gold Motives Team all reviews are my own in my own words. 

Vampy Ring

Yes! I have another jewelery post but this time it's for a ring.

I bought this from ebay also for like  $1.19 CAN haha 

When I find things that are around $1 or less I buy it simply because I want to see if it is good quality or if it's complete crap! :-P

My curiosity get's the better of me sometimes..

This is another thing that I love! Not just because it's of vampire fangs but it is also a double finger ring

Which for some reason I can never find a reasonably priced one that I just love... until now. :-)

It's a pretty heavy ring too which I was surprised.. I was expecting it to be kinda cheap but super cute to wear.

Because I have dainty hands haha rings are hard for me to wear unless they are small and dainty also.. big rings overwhelm my small hands and look gaudy most of the time. But this isn't too bad to wear.. I just love the vampire fangs! haha

Here is where I bought the item Vampire Teeth Ring

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Great Ebay Find :-)

I really love ebay! Let me tell you why...

I am a huge bargain hunter! I absolutely hate paying a large amount for things.. I guess you can kinda say that I'm cheap.. lmao .. but only when necessary. 

I always seems to find cute things on ebay for a ridiculously small amount... and free shipping too! ha ha

This is what I found about 3 weeks ago.

I am in love with this bracelet! I was always looking for either a bracelet or a cute necklace with the evil on it but could never find anything anywhere, where I live.. so I finally looked on ebay and found this.

At first I didn't think that it was going to look anything like the picture because they state that in with the item description especially if it's from china haha

I normally don't like bracelet's or necklaces unless its something that I really want and like.

When I opened it.. I have to admit that I was a little excited about it. Not only is it awesome getting stuff in the mail but I love the feeling of it. 

I only paid $2.74 CAN for it and free shipping.. the only thing with buying items from china most times is that it takes a bit but that's okay I love waiting and checking my mailbox everyday until I finally do get it. :-D

Here is the ebay seller that I bought from. I was extremely happy with it. 

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