A little too much??

I just love scarves!! I use to kind of loathe them! LOL but then I started working Ina clothing store and decided to learn how to wear them for the customers sake more than my own. 

Not just due to the industry that I work in but to also provide great customer service (I hate not knowing something that a customer asks me! ;-)). So I did some research. 

Anyways, I'm kinda getting off topic here! This whole post was supposed to be quick and easy about how I like wearing scarves with necklaces haha

Here's a picture 

I love pairing the two together! 

Well I had missed blogging so I figured I would do something easy to get back into it! 



BIG SALE at Candii Blossom Cosmetics!!!

Hey everyone I had wanted to let you all know about a SALE that is happening over at

Sale?!? What?!? Where?!? You ask?

Well I'll tell you where.... *drum roll*

Pretty huh?

If you make a purchase of $10 or more and use code BOGO13 then you will receive ONE free polish or TWO free eyeshadows!

Most def check them out try out a few things :-)

So here are other places to check them out at

Thank you for reading

Candii Blossom Cosmetics - Swatches

I haven't been on for awhile so I thought that I would start off with something pretty simple!
I have been promoting for Candii Blossom Cosmetics for about a year and a half now,
Pretty crazy! But my boss is awesome, to type the least!

So here are a few swatches that I have done.
I still have alot to do.
Some of you don't know the name Candii Blossom Cosmetics
So I want to get it out there more! <3 p="">

Here we go! ;-)
There are alot!
This is how long I haven't been sharing with you.
Yes I know shame on me... you can scold me for it later. 
 You will see 3 swatches... yes 3 and I'll tell you why in a second.
Brenda who is the creator of Candii Blossom Cosmetics made a primer and a serum
So I have swatched with them and one without.

 This is Icicles

Forever Gone (I'm pretty sure that this one is "forever gone" now.. It was made from fda approved mica and she didn't want there to be any mishaps with it so she discontinued it) Pretty though huh? I had to put it in there because it was one that I had received 



 Raspberry Sorbet

Pearl Bisque

Oasis (this was apart of the Vintage Charm Collection)

 Old Rose (this one was apart of the Vintage Charm Collection)

 Nomad (this was also apart of the Vintage Charm Collection)

 Luminizer and Blush by Pretty Addictions
These were also apart of the Vintage Charm Collection
Candii Blossom Cosmetics teamed up with them for this collection

So for now this is what I have.. I will be adding more to show you guys beautiful indie eyeshadows!

If you haven't checked out Candii Blossom Cosmetics before you totally should!

I personally have found that I have loved her eyeshadows more than others that I have tried!
And that is something!

Here are Candii Blossom's Networking sites

BA Star Glitter - Review

I recently received these in the mail! I was so excited to try them out.

I haven't worn glitter on my eyes before and since I'm a contact wearer I was a little worried.

But it didn't irritate my eyes or contacts.

The glue that I received is nice it doesn't stay white it dries clear which is awesome!

Here is a pic of what I did using the glitter since it was my first time 
I got glitter everywhere! haha But I had received a few tips on how take it off, So I can't wait for the next time!

I decided to try something simple my first time! But doing a small line with the glue and Silver Holo Glitter was a little difficult for a novice.. but that's not gonna stop me! lol 

Here is a full face shot!

I really do like both and if you like glitter! then check out BA Star! They have lot's to choose from I also recommend that you get the glue too! :-)

When you're there don't forget to use BBGLITZ at the checkout for 50% off!!!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer; In this post I was sent items to review but every word is my honest and own opinion on the. Powered by BrandBacker

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