Physicians Formula Eyeliner Review

I had bought this about 3 - 4 months ago. After watching Vintageortacky on youtube rave about this product. I just had to have it! I am a liquid eyeliner junkie. 

I have to say that this is my ultimate go to liquid eyeliner in pen form. It is soo easy to use that I highly recommend this baby to beginners! Yes this means you Tea! ;-) I cannot express what I feel when I try and hype this product up!

Now, this says that it is a 2 in 1 lash boosting eyeliner + serum. I used this everyday up until now and I did not notice a big change in my eyelashes but I also use false lashes usually on a daily basis. So maybe I'm not the girl to ask about this part. But the other parts like.... do you love this? do you recommend this? would you buy this again? And my answer to them all is hell yes I would! I've already recommended this product to many other liquid eyeliner lovers like myself! And I am recommending it to you! If you don't love it then you have my permission to get angry with me. Although I hope that you wouldn't. :-)

It does say that it is a 24 hour wear eyeliner. However I did notice it wearing off near the top inner corners just a little bit. I'm not too picky about that because I carry this bad boy in my purse all the time. Its like my second child.

It has a felt tip that tappers into a very fine point that makes it super easy to use. You can build it up to make your eyeliner more bold or not at all. It is a very versatile eyeliner.

Another plus is that if you buy this from Wal-Mart then you save a little bit of money. I noticed at Shopper's Drug Mart it was about $18. And at Wal-Mart it was $13 and some change so a bit of a price difference! Especially if you are a bargain hunter like myself! ;-) If you buy this I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

If you do let me know how you like it? I always love hearing that stuff! :-)


Maybelline Foundations: Hit or Miss?

I recently bought these two foundations within a two week period. Why you ask.... well I am a lover of a great foundation. First I bought the Dream Liquid Mousse first and wasn't too thrilled about this foundation at all. So I went out and bought the Dream Matte Mousse, wasn't too thrilled about this either! I find that with a lot of Maybelline's foundation they are either too oily or too drying for me, which is the case with these two. Sadly! For some reason I want to believe that maybelline will make a foundation for me that I will love! I am not giving up on them!

The Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse I found for me that it was great when I first put it on. Then after a few hours of wearing it started to look as though it was wearing off! And yes I was wearing a primer.... I tried a couple different primers and the same effect! Then I'd start to look shiny and oily. I normally don't with foundation but maybelline seems to do this to me. So that was a big downer! 

So, I thought well why not try the dream matte mousse instead? I tried this one and it just made me look dry! It pissed me off after I paid like $12 for them both...(I'm on a budget) I just put on the liquid mousse over top because I was in a rush. But I'm thinking that I may as well just go back to revlon's photo ready foundation again. That was my holy grail of foundation.  I looked amazing all day long hehe not to toot my own horn or anything... well I am a little bit! ;-)
There are a few others by mabelline that I want to try out! I've heard a couple good things about the 24 hour one by maybelline. Although it does not have a pump which kinda sucks but oh well if its good then it doesn't matter. :-)

What do you think of these foundations? And any suggestions for other foundations to try out? :-D

Shoppers Drug Mart Haul

I went to Shopper's Drug Mart with my grams last week and seen that this Olay gift set was on sale for $12.99. Which was originally $16.99. So my grams and I both bought one. We are suckers for sales! :-)

Do I like this product.... HELL YES! They however are not full sized products they are a little smaller than that but oh well right? You still get lots of product. And you get more items for less.

Olay products for me seem to never be a miss. I absolutely love Olay products. The first time that I used the body wash. I felt like my skin was being rubbed by something silky smooth and it decided it wanted to be silky smooth too! Thats the only way I can describe the feeling! haha

The lotion is great! I really love the smell. Others might not like it. I can't even describe the smell so I won't try. :-)

I have not tried the bar soap yet but grams said that too feels really silky smooth! haha Am I seeing a pattern here?

I also bought 5 packages of Balea face masks.

From left to right. (top) Boswellia Serrata Extract Ultra Firming Face Mask, Cocoa & Shea Butters Chocolate Nourishing Mud Mask, (bottom) Dead Sea Salt & Seaweed Deep Cleansing Face Mask, Siberian Ginseng Anti Aging Pore Refining Face Mask, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids Anti Aging Micro Dermabrasion Duo - Mask and post perfecting cream.

 I have only tried two, once each so far! The Cocoa & Shea Butters Chocolate Nourishing Mud Mask and the Dead Sea Salt & Seaweed Deep Cleansing Face Mask.

The chocolate mud mask is divine! The smell is a sickly sweet nutty chocolate smell, but when it dries it looks awful! haha and if you have large pores you can see them underneath! haha I seen mine and I was like "OH MY FRIGGEN LORD, those are huge!" But oh well I was the only one looking. ;-)

Next up is the Dead Sea Salt & Seaweed Deep Cleansing Face Mask. This one too I really liked. My skin felt extremely cool and refreshed. I liked the smell with this also. I cant even begin to explain the scent... it was like almost I had the ocean on my face!

I almost forgot! I bought these babies for $1.50 each and they were on sale.

When I try a new one out I will post about it. But it will be short and sweet! :-)

Thank you for reading! xo

*** Balea face masks they may dry out if you don't use them up.... so a little trick to keeping them longer is putting them in zip-lock baggies ***

My First Giveaway That I Won Youtube!!

I won this Ed Hardy Palette awhile back.. forgive me I forget exactly when it was but I was just starting to watch youtube videos and discovered Chantilliscious on youtube. And immediately fell in love with her videos! She is so funny and overall just a cute cute girl! If you haven't checked her out then you most defiantly should!

I seriously was in shock because it was my first time entering a giveaway thinking that I wouldn't get picked and then I did. So that was very exciting. My boyfriend was like "its not a hoax is it?" haha silly guys.... but it got me thinking maybe it is. Maybe I'll get sent something horrid in the mail instead! haha no offense chantal! ;-) But I shortly received it in the mail after.

After I received this I fell in love then unfortunately didn't use it!! I felt so bad because I entered the contest and didn't use it! Then I started using it again and re fell in love! :-D

As you can see it comes with 6 eyeshadows, 2 solid perfumes, a bronzer in the middle, 3 brushes, 6 lip glosses. I did an eye makeup look using the eyeshadows today. They are very soft eyeshadows and very blendable. The bronzer however is a bit too light for me and kinda looks like a very light blush when I put it on so that kinda sucks. 
The big brush is nice I will sometimes use it to contour but I have a favorite brush that I use for that purpose. This one is a back up. The other brushes however I do not use. On that note I really like the shades of the lip glosses but really... would you carry this thing around in your purse just so you could apply the lip gloss when needed? Not I! :-( So thats a bummer! But I do love it. I do use it.... umm... now! hehe. The solid perfume I keep in my purse since thats the only other item than the brushes that I'm able to do so.

Here is an eye makeup look that I did using the eyeshadows! :-)

What was your first giveaway that you won?


Cleansing Face Routine

Neutrogena All in One Make-up Removing Cleansing Wipes
My grandmother seriously finds things like this for me at our local Salvation Army all the time! It's insane and she bought it unopened for .75 cents and they retail for like 6 - 10.00 half the time depending on where you buy it from. It has 25 wipes in it and claims to remove all types of face, lip and eye makeup.

In my honest opinion it does remove alot of makeup but I wouldn't totally rely on this to completely get your face clean. I use this if I am too lazy to walk up the stairs to wash my face! ha ha

It says that it doesn't leave pore clogging residue which is good, But these cleansing wipes do have lotion in them so it does not dry out your skin. However, for me it has a little too much so my face feels like I put waaaay too much lotion on. After it dries it does feel a bit better. But I still feel like I need to wash my face right after. 

I do still use the wipes just because of the face cleanser that I do use. I need to take off my eye makeup before I wash my face with Neutrogena's Deep Clean Daily Scrub. Because it wasn't designed to do a good job at that. Other than that NDCDS has long lasting shine control. Not only does it say that on the tube but it's completely true! ha ha Safe to use every day. Removes dirt and oil like you wouldn't believe. My skin afterwards feels clean.

I bet you're wondering why I took a picture of Aloe Vera Gel. 

Well, I will tell you. This is my secret weapon to a hydrated face that doesn't over do it to the point where your skin is over producing way to much oil. Which was happening to me. My skin was dry and oily with the weather changing it couldn't decide what it wanted to do! ha ha. With the lotion I was using it was over doing it. I had to use blotting wipes pretty much 3 - 5 times a day, which I didn't have to before. It was not a pretty sight my skin. So, I decided to try Aloe Vera Gel and my skin immediately started showing results right after the first use! My skin immediately soaked it all up. Didn't feel dry or tight, or oily. It felt like skin should feel! Amazing I thought so I kept on using it. I haven't had any reoccurring oilyness or the dryness. I also sometimes use it all over my body! Its great! Especially when its warmer outside... nice and cool!

Thank you for reading! xo

Sharing Beautiful!!

Hey Beautiful!

I wanted to share some beautiful black and white pictures with you all!

Something different than the usual beauty product review

I hope you enjoy

I just love landscape black and white pictures!

I had to put Blake and Anjelina in there! haha

I'd like to see what you think is beautiful! xo

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