Maybelline Foundations: Hit or Miss?

I recently bought these two foundations within a two week period. Why you ask.... well I am a lover of a great foundation. First I bought the Dream Liquid Mousse first and wasn't too thrilled about this foundation at all. So I went out and bought the Dream Matte Mousse, wasn't too thrilled about this either! I find that with a lot of Maybelline's foundation they are either too oily or too drying for me, which is the case with these two. Sadly! For some reason I want to believe that maybelline will make a foundation for me that I will love! I am not giving up on them!

The Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse I found for me that it was great when I first put it on. Then after a few hours of wearing it started to look as though it was wearing off! And yes I was wearing a primer.... I tried a couple different primers and the same effect! Then I'd start to look shiny and oily. I normally don't with foundation but maybelline seems to do this to me. So that was a big downer! 

So, I thought well why not try the dream matte mousse instead? I tried this one and it just made me look dry! It pissed me off after I paid like $12 for them both...(I'm on a budget) I just put on the liquid mousse over top because I was in a rush. But I'm thinking that I may as well just go back to revlon's photo ready foundation again. That was my holy grail of foundation.  I looked amazing all day long hehe not to toot my own horn or anything... well I am a little bit! ;-)
There are a few others by mabelline that I want to try out! I've heard a couple good things about the 24 hour one by maybelline. Although it does not have a pump which kinda sucks but oh well if its good then it doesn't matter. :-)

What do you think of these foundations? And any suggestions for other foundations to try out? :-D


TEA aka MonsterGirl said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I agree with you on this 100%. I didn't like either of these and I am not too sure what the hype is with the mousse foundations. And for $12 that is pricy i agree. I really need to try the photo ready foundation but I am too scared to splurge and have the same past results..I have yet to find a good one =\ the only ok one I found was the rimmel stay matte foundation and I got it on sale for like $5 so it's not bad even if it didn't turn out too good. Good review :) I am glad to see your posts!!

TheMissTwist said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@ TEA - Well I went and talked to those lovely ladies at the counter and she helped me pick out the the photo ready only problem was though they didn't have testers so I had to soley rely on her! But it turned out good! It lasted about 4 or 5 months. Which is good so I got my moneys worth out of it.

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