Okay so I just got a discount code for Javaboi Industries If you don't think that now is the best time to get one of his awesome java shirts.. you are so wrong!! :-) 

You can use my code on SEPT.30th only! COFFEEDAYSHAWNA for 30%OFF store wide!! Yess that means sale items aswell!

I would totally take advantage of this amazing discount code right now! But I need to leave some for you guys! ha ha

Let me know if you do! I'd love to know what you got/ordered!! 

Javaboi Girl Shawna

What's in My Purse/Makeup bag Tag

So Mercedes Makeup Obsession decided she wanted to tag me with "What's in Your Makeup Bag Tag. I decided that I was going to do a "What's in Your Purse" also!

It really is nothing special! ha ha

What's in my purse...

As you can see I love my animal prints! haha Anyways, I try very hard not to carry too much stuff in my purse anymore! ha ha. My old co-worker bought this purse for me for christmas last year! <3 it!
 I am seriously a lip gloss junkie! I usually have like 4 or 5 lipglosses in one purse at a time! ha ha as you can see there I only have 4 this time... they just keep accumulating!! My makeup bag, contact solution, my fancy leopard wallet that I bought from ebay for like $25 can, my bc gold card for the casino! ha ha, hand sanitizer, my keys, sunglasses (i just put them in the stun bag because well I sat my stun's and broke them! :-( so now all i have to show for my glasses is this case!)

 What's in my makeup bag.....

I usually carry things in my makeup bag that I used that day. Just for touch ups... but I don't usually tend to touch my makeup up during the day... just maybe a little of my smashbox mattifying powder, a little of my rimmel blush, after I bronze. I have two eyeliners in there because just in case I don't like the voluminous eyeliner then I'll use my physicians formula one instead! ha ha. An eyebrow pencil by annabelle, garnier fructis undereye concealer, l'oreal's voluminous mascara, and a couple of brushes... nothing too exciting! ha ha

Thanks for reading!


Gossip Girl Gift Pack Giveaway

Hello all you Gossip Girl lovers! Ready for the inside scoop? I had to share these juicy details with all of you! <3

One of my all time fav tv shows is back!! YESSS!! as I jump for joy!

SunglassWarehouse loves them just as much too! yay! So for the begin of a brand new season they have a giveaway up for all Gossip Girl lovers out there!

Now it wouldn't be just any giveaway without any rules! I have done everything and I had wanted to share it with you so that you have a chance to win some awesome gossip girl goodies!

Ready for them? I was shocked and amazed at what they have! A Gossip Girl DVD Boxed Set includes ALL 4 seasons!!!! Yes all 4!!!! The winner also gets their choice of shades! Isn't that just fabulous? I think so!

Enter here and make sure you follow all the rules! GIVEAWAY

You know you love me! ;-)

xo...xo Gossip Girl Lover

Vlogin N' Haulin Time! Lot's and Lot's of Pics

Okay, so here are a couple pics before Chase and I went on a little adventure! I got all my clothes ready incl. my precious unmentionables..... came back into the room and found this little bugger!!

For some reason he thinks its fun playing with my bras! I hide them, he finds them!

Sorry I had to show you my awesome socks! Leopard print! ooooowwweeee!! lol

Chase and I waiting for the bus... little did I know that the damn bus doesn't go on Sunday's anymore.. so we waited.... and waited.... then we found this... O.O

A nasty mcnasty spider crawling towards us! So we got up outta shit as fast as we could! .. Then chase almost stepped in doggy pooh.. haha he swarved just in time! 

Then we finally got to Shopper's Drug Mart and guess who was getting tired and whinny! haha I still shopped and bought this stuff

(From Left to Right)

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser (dark circles) - $6.99 sale
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara + Voluminous Eyeliner - $8.99 sale
Garnier Fructis Hairspray Crystal Resist - Extreme #6 - $5.99
Maybelline Super Stay Foundation - $14.99
Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover - $8.99
Bijin Beauty Box (swatches)- $12.69 sale

Chase's loot
Canucks poster - $3.99 sale
Strawberry lipsmacker - $2.49
(he choose these instead of going to the dollarama) ha ha

Here are the swatches.... it was cloudy outside so the colors look a little off. :-(

The packaging though is really cute! It says on the back Who is Bijin? You are!
A Japanese term for beautiful woman.. or better put, "Hot Babe".... We couldn't agree more! (ha ha)

comes with a cute little mirror.. probably never use it!

 I kinda stepped out of my comfort zone and picked this instead of the smokier colors I was going to!
 The sponge applicator makes it look cheap

It doesn't say what they are called... it just says on the back palette 1

But swatching them they are soft blend nicely ... I'll see how they do on my eyes and I'll have pictures. If I really like them I'm going to get the others.. there were 4 all together...I think... they also had lipglosses that looked really nice.

Next up is the Voluminous Eyeliner that came with the Million Lashes Mascara.

I was expecting this to be awesome or something... it didn't wow me! ha ha

 As you can its like an actual felt pen... kinda weird.

(I was having fun..)

The smaller lines are just one swipe..... I tried to see if it smudges it doesn't but it does fade. It is buildable. I guess it is nice... I'm just not wowed like that lady said I would be. I asked her if this was similar to the Physicians Formula.... she says "oh yes it is... the same felt tip, but I like this way better!"  fudge that lady fudger! It is not better than the Physicians Formula by far!!! And they do not look the same! One has a pointy tip the other looks like a fricken calligraphy felt pen!!

I also swatched the Maybelline under eye concealer for dark circles... in neutralizer. The bottle is weird! I had to turn it a billion times for the product to come out. The tip is kinda spongey so the back of the packaging says to wipe off excess with toilet paper and not to wet it with water! So we shall see!

Chase was getting tired so we grabbed some food and walked home... he was happy to do that! ha ha

He said next time he's staying home! ha ha




 So I decided to do a face of the day today! All I used for my eyes was my Wet n' Wild Greed Palette. I seriously love this thing!! No joke.. ha ha

 for eyeliner I used Physicians Formula Liquid eyeliner in Ultra black... another one of my favs!

 So, I kinda got a little carried away with taking pictures! ha ha
 I have not taken pictures of my makeup in so long that I kinda got a little excited!!  O.O <-- yes thats how I looked

 For my face I used the maybelline dream matte mousse + the liquid mousse and mixed them together. I am currently trying this out to see if I like it better than themselves alone.

 I also used Hard Candy's Bronzer in Heat Wave.. this is a really good bronzer that is inexpensive.

 On my face cheeks.. ha ha I used Tarte's cheek stain in Tickled
 and Hard Candy's Blush in Living Doll on top.. jus a lil.

 I can't remember what eyelashes I used but they are Ardell Lashes.
 For mascara I used Lashaholic by yes of course Hard Candy.. ha ha

Blah you can see my canker sore on my lip... ignore it.. pretend I'm still beautiful! ;-)
 Last but not least I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on my waterline! :-)

And to finish it off I gave you guys a sexy pose/look! ha ha

Thanks for Reading


Fav Product of the Week - #3

This weeks love of the week is Hard Candy's Fox in a Box! I receivd this from Taygan aka MontserGirl. And I am really loving it. Thank you so much again! :-D
 It is in the shade Truth or Dare
 They are so soft and blend nicely. As you can see it comes with an applicator brush but I don't use it.... so it just stays in there! lol

 I just love the packaging. It has such a modern/vintage vibe to it!

 The two colors are just beautiful! They are shimmery which gives me a nice glow.
 When I first opened it I was a bit worried that the pink would be too pinky! lol
 But then I swatched them and seen that blended effortlessly onto my skin.

The two pics above I had to kinda pack it on because they seriously match my skin tone nicely.

Have any of you tried any of the other Fox in the Boxes?

Thanks for reading <3



Javaboi Girl Shawna .... Say What?!

So a few months ago.... ok ok more than a few months ago. I purchased a totally kick ass shirt from Javaboi Industries! If you're a coffeeholic like I am then you will love these shirts.

I watched a video from a very beautiful and talented chicka named BentleyBlonde on youtube. And she was featuring a shirt from Javaboi Industries... I immediately fell in love! 
I then seen that he had a twitter and a facebook. So I sent requests. Then we became best buds haha jus kidding. I had wanted to support him so much especially after reading his story which is right here Eric's Story. Not only that but I loved the product and the idea. I thought that it was so original and different from anything that I've seen here my town! So of course I had to get one. Although I wasn't able to right away! :-( 

But before I was able to I seriously bombarded him with so many questions.... I'm surprised he didn't block me or something haha He is that great! Awesome personality. Talks to everyone when he can. He is very generous from what I've seen and read in the past. I'm very glad that I took the time to find all of this out! Its nice to know that a company really does care and takes the time. So thank you Eric for making my javaboi experience that much more!

When I finally received my package. There were these two items in it.

I seriously have never seen anything packaged like this except for coffee... very fancy coffee! haha I also received a little note as well with my twitter name on it! :-) He was also very kind and sent me a javaboi patch! Which I love! I am waiting for the perfect place to put it! haha

(I was having fun messing around with gimp) lol

The fabric is preshrunk so when companies have shirts like that it usually means that they won't shrink alot when you wash them! :-) Mine has stayed the same.. the black hasn't faded... it still basically looks like new! lol I take very good care of my clothes when they are good quality and these shirts are!! They are soooo soft!! I can't wait to buy more!

 Another cute thing that I noticed was the tag on it, it had all of his info on it as to where to find him! I haven't seen anyone do that to their shirts! Totally cool!

I will show you guys a few of my favs from his website! I think that you will like them too! 

Nerd's Rock (women's) 

JBI Logo (women's) 

He also sells Men's Javaboi Shirts as well! I think that he has something for everyone! A Coffee lover's tee shirt dream!

Love this awesomeness just too much? Sign up for the newsletter! <3

As always all my blog posts are my personal opinions! <3
The photo's of Javaboi shirts are his own I gots me some permission!
(the two of me are mine though! haha)

Thank you for reading!


Javaboi Girl Shawna....... out!

Review - Hard Candy's 1000 Lashes Fiberized Mascara

My grams bought this Hard Candy Fiberized Mascara for me awhile back. I had typed that I was going to do a review for it soon and totally forgot haha! Only because it was shit to be totally honest. For me this just didn't work out.
I am a person who is constantly touching their eye lashes, a habit I picked up while wearing mascara to see if it will flake and rub off on my fingers. And this does all of that unfortunately. I had wanted this to work out but it just didn't! :-( . The fiberization is supposed to be nice so that it gives volume... it does for a bit until you apply another coat then that layer starts to flake off super fast. It is a pretty dry formula. Maybe if it was a little more wet then it would be better.


 The first time I wore this it lengthened my lashes and did nothing for volume then flaked...

As you can see the bristles look amazing... its kinda deceiving! ha ha
I wear contacts so pieces of the mascara were falling off into my eyes and irritating the crap outta them. So I quickly put on some rimmel mascara in hopes of it not flaking anymore. That helped a little and since I already had a full face of makeup on and eye makeup/falsies on I wasn't going to take them all off because of this crap mascara.
So I totally would not buy this again... I would if they came up with a new and improved formula. Just because these mascaras of theirs are totally affordable.
Thanks for reading!

OOTD - Leopard's & Denim

Okay so Lee and I had this huge debate whether or not this Romper looked good on me! haha He says it doesn't suit my body type. I was wearing it just by itself nothing else so I do admit that it did not look good at all!

Anyways! I bought the romper from ebay (somewhere in asia) I was a little iffy about getting another one because the last one was waaaay too small! Seriously made for a midget! :-( The vest I made myself. It was a jean jacket but I cut it up and sewed that bad boy back up... its not finished yet.. if you look at the shoulders they are a little wide I need to fray them a bit more. :-/ I shouldn't have put it on with this.. but oh well this was to give you an idea of the outfit. Next up is the dirty green belt (i say dirty because it has a bit of ashyness to it so you can basically pair this with anything and it will look good) Aaaaaaand some black flats.

Now, I am a person who seriously hates wearing the same thing that everybody else is wearing in my town! I can't stand it! It seriously makes me mad when someone asks me where I got something and then goes out and buys it! haha You know however its fine if someone says oh well thats cool and buys it then puts their twist to it, that I'm fine with but if they try to replicate what I wear down to a T, then that kinda pisses me off... because theres no originality to it!! 

If its someone 50 billion miles away then I don't care... but if I know you and you live down the street and I see you wearing the same shit I am .... I will rip that shit off of you! and stomp the shit out of it. haha ok now I'm just exaggerating.. ok ok I know I am kinda sounding like a bitch but if you haven't had this happen to you on a regular basis than you have no idea!! 
My so called friend use to do this to me all the time. At FIRST I felt flattered that she wanted to look like me (duh!! who wouldn't) Then it got to the point where we would be shopping and I would see something totally awesome and say I'm gonna buy that the next time I have money... well the next time I would see her she would have it. So then after that I wouldn't buy it.. then I stopped telling people where I got my clothes from all together! Then I started buying clothes online . haha Ok so I rambled on alot .. But thinking about that made me mad! haha

Anyways, is there anything that you love love love but other people keep dissin' the shit outta it? :-(



Fav Product of the Week

This week I am loving St.Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser.
It says that it clears breakouts & soothes skin. 
Hypoallergenic, Oil Free, and Non-comedogenic, Dermatologist tested.
Also has salicylic acid acne medication in it. Formulated without Parabens and Phthalates.

(I purchased this from Wal-Mart for about $6)

Now in case you don't know what any of that means. You are in luck because I did some research for all of you! ;-)

In case some of you may not know Hypoallergenic products are typically good for sensitive skin. This product does have fragrance in it not to mention it says so in the list of ingredients! But I don't think its a whole lot because ladies who have sensitive skin seem to really like this product! It also helps with redness because of the green tea.(known for its anti-inflammatory properties)

Now, if you are wondering what is "Non-comedogenic"  Which means that it does not clog your pores! haha You'd think that they would put "non clogging" or something but nope they had to go with the fancy term! This ladies helps with keeping acne away! But be careful even though products have this on it, it may still irritate your skin.

Okay so I'm going to give a little run down of what happens with clogged pores and what happens with the salicylic acid. Acne is formed when skin cells inside hair follicles shed too fast and clump together which then it plugs up the follicle and causes a pimple. Salicylic acid helps slow down that shedding of the cells inside the follicles, preventing clogging. Salicylic acid also helps break down blackheads and whiteheads.

Parabens are preservatives in personal care products, they help with keeping the product longer in moist areas like your bathroom from bacteria, fungus, and microbes. yuck I know right? If it has "paraben" at the end of a long name than its its that product! Now there is a much debate about parabens... not going into it!! 

Phthalates help fragrance stay on your skin longer because of the fixative properties it has. wow I did not know this! and off topic here a bit but in 2002 a case study known that 72% of beauty products had this product in it. I guess it isn't banned in the US but is in Europe!

It doesn't say on the packaging but this cleanser has Olive Oil and Olive Leaf Extract in it. I went to St.Ives website and this is where I found out that it has these two ingredients in it! Both are supposed to have skin-softening glycerides in them. The Olive Oil has moisturizing antioxidant qualities. While the Olive Leaf Extract is in there to help with damaging environmental factors. 
I wouldn't have known that this was in there until I went to the website! YAY me! ha ha. It shows it on the product but I just thought that it was there for like an eye garnish or something.... strange. Just goes to show that you can't always rely on products to give you the full details! ;-)

I hope that was a bit informative for you all! I got most of my info from checking out the ingredients on the world wide web! ha ha Also the St.Ives Website on there is a bunch of reviews from beautiful ladies such as yourself! ;-)

 My thoughts on this. 
I love this! But because it does have salicylic acid in it I use it once a day. I'm scared that it will dry out my skin. I've been nervous about products that have salicylic acid them due to one bad experience. I peeled really badly and never got over it! ha ha But I haven't with this sometimes when I have a few breakouts I will use this twice a day and it reduces them quickly! So that is a plus! I have combination skin so I do sometimes feel a bit of tightness around my mouth and nose, sometimes forehead but nothing major. I then just put on my aloe vera gel and I'm good to go!
The smell is amazing! It seriously smells like apples and green tea! It lathers nicely and if you massage it for a bit it starts to feel a bit tingly which is a nice feeling!

Thank you for reading!



Mail from Teygan AKA MontserGirl

 One day I looked in the mail and got a surprise! *giggles* I was like omg she sent a big package.... cah-raaay-zaaay girl! I wasn't expecting it until the following Monday but it came last Friday.

 I opened it up and seen that she sent more than what I was expecting! :-D
 I immediately felt like I should have sent her more stuff!

Originally this pretty lady was going to send me the fox in a box and the Glamoflauge concealer by Hard Candy. (I am currently obsessed) For some reason my Wal-Mart doesn't sell these at all! Mine is very limited! :-(
 But so far I am loving both! I do need to watch how much of the Glamoflauge I put on or else I will look cakey.. a little bit goes a long long ways. This will last a super long time! woot woot! :-)

Next up, she also sent a Sauna Masque by Montangne Jeunesse. I haven't tried this yet, but I am waiting for a lazy/pampering night.  Also, a candle that smells super yummy. Marshmellows!! I'm debating whether or not to light it. ha ha smells too nice! Also, the most amazing lip gloss ever! Strawberry Parfait!! I am in love... my aunt could smell my lips and was wanting to know what it was... so she put some on and was in love too! We both got sad when we looked and seen that it was from Bath and Body works! ha ha The closest one is an 8 hour drive. I don't drive, and I'm sure my grams wouldn't drive all the way over there just so I can get some! ha ha

Next up, she sent some anti-bacterial hand gel. In Peach Punch, Lemon Pomegrante and PB and J.. this one she put in there for chase and he was super happy to get it! He kept telling me how nice it was of Teygan to send it to him! ha ha. They all smell sooo good.. I kept smelling my hands forever!

Thank you soo soo much Teygan! I love everything! I am so appreciative of this!

If you haven't checked out her blog then you most definitely should her blog is amazing and she is always posting .. unlike me! :-(
 Thanks for reading!

My Fav Product of the Week

I am loving Hard Candy's "Glow All The Way" in Glamazon Bronze, so much this week! Its been sunny out and loving every minute of it!

This is an all over body bronze and luminizer. It gives such a healthy glow to my skin. hehe this product is totally buildable or you can use as little as you want.

Infused with 24 karat gold. This luminizer is pretty thick but blendable if you work at it! haha You'll have nicely scuplted arms in no time! ;-) jk 

 It does not have a smell to it at all. So I found that if I put some of this in with my fav lotion it blends alot better. (just put some in an extra container for your desired amount) A little bit of this stuff goes a long way!

I also found that it looks amazing in with my foundation as well. I also tried putting little dots of it where I wanted it on face and blended that it was just as good!

 In the sunlight

 No flash out of the sunlight

(also I didn't blend the amount above very much :-( jus so you know.)

As you can see it is just gorgeous! I only paid like 7 bucks for it so totally affordable and it lasts awhile!
I had wanted to also try out the pink one but my Wal-Mart didn't have it! Oh well maybe next time! :-)

Have you tried these out? 

Thanks for reading

xo ~ Shawna

Makeup Diary's B-Day Giveaway!

This is awesome!!! One lucky winner will get to choose $200.00 from the Sephora website and JC will get them for the winner! AMAZING!! What a sweetheart sharing her birthday!

The giveaway ends October 5th. Just go to JC's Blog and fill out the form! Easy Peasy! ;-)

She is celebrating her b-day with a giveaway. Her b-day is on September 25th but she is hosting it until October for a longer time period so that everybody has a change to enter!

Oh, I forgot to add that a Sigma Cleansing tool will be apart of that also! :-)

I am secretly wishing that I will win.. hehe.....

Are you going to enter? I hope you do! ;-)

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