I just Entered!!

Hey so I just entered in a contest!
hosted by Ewwitsnikki the prizes are fab! I checked them all out! ha ha
heres my fav! I got up close and personal and checked it out and i like everything in it! But in all seriousness any one of the other prizes would be great too! 

So go and check it out and enter! It'll be fun!

There is a link to her site on the side bar you can't miss it!

xoxo S

Rimmel Tutorial - Dark Angel Trio Palette

Okay so I was a little bored and decided to do a tutorial on Rimmel London's Dark Angel Trio! Three beautiful colors that I'm loving right now!
{with flash (top) without (bottom)}

Here is the look that I came up with for this color scheme! I hope you like it!

The first thing that I did was apply a matte white all over the lid -  blend it

The next thing that I did was take the silver eyeshadow and applied it to the inner corner of my lid and dragged it to the middle and did the same to the bottom

Then I took the purple color and put that from the outter corner of my eye up into the crease and blended like crazy and faded it into the brow bone

Next i took my fluffy brush and put a generous amount of the blackish grey on the outter corner of my lid and blended that until I wanted the shape the way I had wanted it. remember blend blend blend!!

As you can see i added a different silver to the brow bone because the silver just wasn't as pigmented as I had wanted it to be. And added a little bit to the inner corners top and bottom of my lid and lined the bottom lashes with the purple and blended

Then I put on my favorite mascara and liquid eyeliner and bit of black pencil liner to the bottom lash line.

I hope you liked it! comment and tell me what you think I would sure appreciate alot! Any tips or suggestions! Just leave that comment! ;-)

Ciao. . . xoxo S

Haul & Swatches

Ok so yesterday I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and seen that they were having a sale on Annabelle lip gloss 2 for 1 for $5.00
They both come in a package of two! and it has two random colors the colors I picked are Venus Vibe (top) and Flashdance (bottom)

And here is a picture below of Venus Vibe on me! (sorry for the crap pic)

And one below wearing Flashdance.

Below here is a swatch of the both of them and a review at the bottom.

So on with the review as you could see by the pictures they are very pigmented if you build the color up. They are very nice lip glosses and I would most def by them again.. they aren't really sticky. But they do have a little bit but not to sway me away from wearing them they are very creamy as well gotta say i absolutely love them! 

Well I hoped this was an alright review! It was my first but with many more to come!

Ciao ... xoxo S

I have decided ... *dun dun duh*

Okay so, I am going to try and do some makeup tutorials on my blog
because I have seriously nothing more to do with my time! ha ha 

This will keep me sane so bare with me on this! I will need some help so if there are any beautiful women out there that will be kind enough to give me some tips/ideas then fly att'er

I'm telling you guys because I have nobody else to tell! ha ha yes I am a sad sad loner! just kidding I could tell people but it seems to be easier to take criticism through the computer than it is in real life... if that makes sense... dunno makes sense to me.

Ciao! xoxo S

What is a stay at home mother to do?. . .

    Hello there, Ok so I have no idea if someone is even reading my blog if not thats ok... if you take a look and its not what you like thats fine too. If you do then awesome. I only started a blog to enter a contest and didn't win unfortunately. Not that I was under the impression that I was going to.. it was just for fun.. now here I am typing away just chit chatting it up with someones or someone who might not be there! ha ha

   You know people try to think of ways to occupy their time with me I have tried sewing, crocheting, reading but luckily for me that one has stuck for about a year now so thats good... but its also hurting my budget! ha ha but i sure do love it. Nothing is better than sitting down and grabbing your newest book and then finding out it is amazing.. then your hooked. I guess I kinda know what an addict is like in that sense because when I start reading a book and I like it I can't get enough. I have to read and read and read some more! Then when I'm finished my book, I'm sad because I either have to wait or it is done the tale. So I always try and look for books that are in a series because I just can't get enough. Or I buy more books right after and start all over again...

   I guess what I'm trying to say is, is that whoever you are, whatever you are doing Just know this ... a book is waiting for you to pick it up and enjoy it because it lets your escape it can be your best friend or your worst enemy in my world its both. So yeah take care! TilI I type away again!

xoxo S
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