Haul & Swatches

Ok so yesterday I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and seen that they were having a sale on Annabelle lip gloss 2 for 1 for $5.00
They both come in a package of two! and it has two random colors the colors I picked are Venus Vibe (top) and Flashdance (bottom)

And here is a picture below of Venus Vibe on me! (sorry for the crap pic)

And one below wearing Flashdance.

Below here is a swatch of the both of them and a review at the bottom.

So on with the review as you could see by the pictures they are very pigmented if you build the color up. They are very nice lip glosses and I would most def by them again.. they aren't really sticky. But they do have a little bit but not to sway me away from wearing them they are very creamy as well gotta say i absolutely love them! 

Well I hoped this was an alright review! It was my first but with many more to come!

Ciao ... xoxo S


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