What is a stay at home mother to do?. . .

    Hello there, Ok so I have no idea if someone is even reading my blog if not thats ok... if you take a look and its not what you like thats fine too. If you do then awesome. I only started a blog to enter a contest and didn't win unfortunately. Not that I was under the impression that I was going to.. it was just for fun.. now here I am typing away just chit chatting it up with someones or someone who might not be there! ha ha

   You know people try to think of ways to occupy their time with me I have tried sewing, crocheting, reading but luckily for me that one has stuck for about a year now so thats good... but its also hurting my budget! ha ha but i sure do love it. Nothing is better than sitting down and grabbing your newest book and then finding out it is amazing.. then your hooked. I guess I kinda know what an addict is like in that sense because when I start reading a book and I like it I can't get enough. I have to read and read and read some more! Then when I'm finished my book, I'm sad because I either have to wait or it is done the tale. So I always try and look for books that are in a series because I just can't get enough. Or I buy more books right after and start all over again...

   I guess what I'm trying to say is, is that whoever you are, whatever you are doing Just know this ... a book is waiting for you to pick it up and enjoy it because it lets your escape it can be your best friend or your worst enemy in my world its both. So yeah take care! TilI I type away again!

xoxo S


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I'm with you..stay at home mom with lots of time on my hands..LOL

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