Yesterday's EOTD - WW's Greed Palette

 I love the Wet n' Wild's Greed Palette. I sometimes do a smokey eye like this using it or I'll do something similar but closer to the lash line to create a different smokey eye. It is so versatile. I only used the grey, black, nude color and also the peachy color. And a white to highlight this isn't in the palette

 It is super easy to do!

First you prime your eyelids,
Then I use the grey and put it in the outter v.. only a little and then lightly blend the peachy color on top for a blending color, (if you would like more grey then add some more.) 
I used a crease dome brush for both colors.
Then I wanted more the peach color to show through so I added more of that. 
next I put the nude color above the peach to blend that nicely. Alot of blending and switching back and forth from color to color to get it where I had wanted it.
Then to make the outter v more darker I used the black and this you only want to use a little of. You are still creating a v but a very small one. Then you guessed it blend blend blend. After all that blending I used a flat shader brush and packed on the nude color onto the lid and blended lightly where it met the black and grey.
You can also add a little grey underneath your bottom lash line and lightly blend it a little :-)
 Then I highlighted using wet n wilds sugar

In another post I'll show you how I do another smokey eye :-) This one is super fast and easy!

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The Caffeinated Spaz said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great look! I love this palette too - it's one of my fave WnW products!

Mercedes said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So pretty, I wish my eyeliner would look like that on me! Gotta love hooded eyes...blah!

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