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Today I decided to use eyeshadows by SweetPea & Fay

I had purchased Pandimonium , Chupacabra, and Laminations. Also the Poltergeist lip balm.

Enjoy! :-)

 Pandimonium - crease and under lashline
Chupacabra - outter v for more depth and under the lash line on top of Pandimonium... more like lining
Laminations - on lid and inner corner

I really love this collection! I especially love the lip balm I get color and a balm in one which is my fav! I can't stand it when I look in the mirror and theres only color around my lips and nothing in the middle :-( so I have only 1 lipstick in my makeup collection! haha

Well, adios time for me to go and check out my new makeup!

 I will do a haul post most likely tomorrow! New looks coming soon!

I would love it if you guys suggested what you wanted to see! That will keep me busy. I would LOVE it! :-)

So keep an eye out for that post!!

Much Loves



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Gorgeous, gorgeous makeup!! :)

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