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About a few weeks ago I received my winnings from Evil Shades. I was so excited with what I had gotten only to find out that about a week later she sent extra by mistake. I was willing to send it back but I was allowed to keep the extra. So that was super nice of her!!

I just love the packaging I noticed too that she sends a sucker or two in with the orders which is really cool and different. Of course my son took them right away! ha ha

Well, onto the goodies.

First up, is the Pink Noise Blush

This blush is super gorgeous! It has flex of gold in it.. when I swatched this I fell in love! <3

Next, I have Seraphic, Souls Torment, and a sample of Death by Fruitcake

These are sooo pretty! when I swatched these I immediately fell in love! Yes, this is going to be a love post! because everything I absolutley love! and am so grateful! <3


Left to Right - Seraphic, Souls Torment, Death by Fruitcake
Top to Bottom - No base, Absorbed Spectrum Pot, Padawan Spectrum Pot

Now time for the Spectrum Pots Padawan and Absorbed & swatches

I really like these spectrum pots! I especially love the black! It adds extraness to the eyeshadows that I just love! (as you can see from the e/s swatches above) They are pretty creamy.. but I found that with Padawan it is a little more harder to work with than Absorbed which is super creamy. I really want to try out the white one :-) plus they are only $5 on the Evil Shades website! :-)

Next up, I have four Last Dance, Devious Virtue, Heartstopper and George (I couldn't find this one on the site).

I honestly haven't had a chance to use these yet but when I do I will post pictures on my facebook not here just due to the fact that it would be only one picture at a time.. if it is requested than I will share on here aswell. :-)

I also have three Sugar Kisses Whipped Lip Butters in Whipped, Cupcake, Sprinkles.

These are so soft and creamy... I noticed that they did leave a tint of color so I think that these would be amazing on top of lipstick! To add some dimension to it. :-)

Evil Shades Cosmetics is a company that I would most definitely buy from in the future! I am so grateful for winning The Art is Makeup's Giveaway and being able to try out this awesome loot! Thank you so much to the both of you!

p.s if you haven't checked out Marjolein then you most def should. you can find her on Twitter, Youtube, and on her Blog. She is amazing.. very soft spoken and not to mention fricken gorgeous!!. <3 her.

You can also find Evil Shades on Facebook, Twitter :-)

Thank you for reading!



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Great winnings, such cute packaging.

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