FunnyFace Beauty is hosting an awesome giveaway!! A MUST SEE!!

Okay so I found out about this just randomly going through blogs! But it wasn't her blog that I stumbled upon it was another bloggers site.... riiiiiiiight.... HERE
and her lovely name is Beautynewbie.

I mean I know I'm not nearly as good as some of these terrific bloggers but some day I hope I can sit with the best of them!

Onnn to the giveaway I was really amazed at the giveaway that FunnyFace Beauty was hosting. And I must say alot better than most of the youtube giveaways! Seriously! Yess that good! ha ha

So Yes I am entering, instead of boring you with the loooong list of items I will just show you an awesome picture of the giveaway courtesy of FunnyFace Beauty's Blog!  (its ok she said we could use it!) :-D

The giveaway is open until January 11th, 2011

And I'll bet you something that practically everything if not everything fits in that cute little makeup bag too! (excluding calender and the naked pallet. duh of course) :-D

Happy entering Bloggers!!!

Cuz I know I am! he he he

xo ~ Shawna


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