Hard Candy Mini Haul + Review

So, my grams didn't know what to get me for Christmas... so she let me pick out what I had wanted to get instead!

 Since my grams doesn't have alot of money she suggested that she buy me some makeup so I didn't argue with that! ha ha

She bought me a few things from Hard Candy (So Baked Bronzer in Heat Wave, Blush Crush Baked Blush in Living Doll, 1,000 lashes fiberized lash weave mascara in midnight black and a Wetn' Wild H20liquid eyeliner in black.She also bought me a box of Ardell eyelashes which I didn't take a pic of because I forgot ha ha)

I was iffy about the Sheer Envy tinted moisturizer by them but decided to get it anyways just to try it out! And I must say I was satisfied with it!

I don't just use it by itself I put on my smashbox primer then put the tinted moisturizer on then my Revlon Photo Ready foundation. 
When I do it this way my foundation looks AMAZING!! Especially in pictures. But if you have oily skin then I don't recommend this. My face feels dewy afterwards and after the entire day I did notice that my face did get a bit oily but not over excessively to sway me away from doing this! I coupled it with the So Baked Bronzer on my temples cheeks and contoured with it and I love this too! I am totally throwing out my old bronzer.

I then put on my regular blush from tarte and put the Blush Crush Baked Blush on over top.... jeezus try saying that 10 times! If you can I will bow down! I tried and couldn't ha ha

The Blush Crush Baked Blush seriously reminded me of something and I couldn't put my finger on it! Then it hit me...
It reminded me of Laura Gellers Ethereal Rose Face powder, so I swatched the two side by side and whattya know they do share a similar look buuuuut

The Hard Candy blush was more pigmented and looks and feels waaay better! Not to mention it does not have huge chunks of glitter in it! I know that the blush is blush and the face powder from laura geller is a face powder. But I used the Laura Geller powder just over top of my blush to add a lil ompft to it!  The so baked bronzer is like that too! It has a finer grain of glitter in it more like shimmer which personally bronzer should look more of a shimmer than a glimmer... same with an all over face powder... kinda looks like you put silver glitter all over your face! yuck! I checked out my previous pictures using the stuff and I highly recommend Hardy Candy's Blush and Bronzer! Yes I noticed the glimmer much much more. And you shouldn't buuuut the choice is up to you! If you want to save money and have a better product then yes go for the Hard Candy! ;-)

Please don't spend the money on the Laura Geller stuff! I only bought mine from ebay for like 7 bucks! woot woot so that wasn't too bad!

Here is a pic of the items that I bought and a couple pictures with the products on! I loves them

Here is a few with the product on my face. So you can decide what you wanna decide! he he

Yes in this one I am wearing the eyelashes they are the 101 demi's.

Right now I don't really have a comment on the Hard Candy's 1,000 lashes mascara yet. The eyeliner from Wet n' Wild though seriously is a crazy liquid eyeliner it does not come off! It stays put like mad crazy! I liiiiiiiike it!

I hope you liked it!

xo ~ Shawna


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