Wet n Wild Mini Haulage

I was at Wal-Mart last week and seen that they had the 6 palette eyeshadows and thought that I should get some! haha Since they aren't going to break the bank buying them. I had to get one. I also bought a Trio Palette too!

I decided to get the Blue Had Me At Hello .. I thought that they were just gorgeous colors. Swatches below :-)

with flash and without flash
left side of the palette

Sorry for the goosebumpy arms ha ha it was super cold in this room.

with flash and without flash
right side of the palette

I also bought Cool As Cucumber this is a trio palette. I just thought that the colors were beautiful! And why not try them out!

Now onto the swatch fest!

with flash and without flash
left to right is top to bottom

Now I was a little disappointed with this one. It took a few swipes to get the color rich and pigmented. However, the color was rich and pigmented on my fingers haha So we shall see how it looks on the eyes. 

I felt a little better so I decided to do a post! :-)

Let's hope I feel awesome tomorrow so I can show you a EOTD with Blue Had Me At Hello palette!

Thank you so much for reading



Miranda said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I really love the colors in cool as a cucumber but haven't found it yet!

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