Balmshell Lip Gloss Mini Collection Review

After I watched a canadian guru on youtube review these! MissCaseyB. I just had to enter a contest that Balmshell was hosting and was luckily was one of the winners. So surprised and excited! Seriously checking my mail like everyday looking for these! haha But I got them today! And it just made my day! 
Now on to my first impressions of these lipglosses..... (dun dun duuuunnn)

The Balmshell's Ultimate Mini Lip Gloss Collection includes 5 of their top selling lip glosses which are Darling You Look Fabulous, Shoe Fetish, Shopaholic, Weekend in the Hamptons & Yummy Mummy. (which are in fact in that order from right to left) and here is a swatch below

Now what I thought about these lip glosses they are the most amazing lip glosses that I have seriously ever tried! They are creamy and very moisturizing. My lips are in love! As you can tell from the picture above there are different sheers.... a sparkle and a shimmer. Different colors to suit everyone. These are also Paraben Free.
The prices for these bad boys are $24.00 CAD (sorry don't know in USD) The full sizes of these are $20.00. Sorry I do not know how much is in each product I couldn't find it anywhere!They also have Lip/Cheek tints as well!

I am most def going to be buying the full sizes! And the smell it says that it was flavored with the hint of fruity vanilla but what this really reminds me of is strawberry cupcake or shortcake.... uhh... you know the toy that turned into a cupcake and it smelled.... well this is what it smells like... every time I smell this lip gloss I'm taken back to when I was a kid. haha good memories good memories so its all good. :-)

You can buy these in Canada (Shopper's Drug Mart, Lawton's Drug, London Drugs and and The United States available online at

Here's a lil about the creater's Jennifer and Fiona Lees the two most beautiful women I've seen! Seriously now I know why the name is Balmshell! haha
They are identical twin sisters from Canada. They wanted to create the most perfect lip gloss and they succeeded! Wanna know how they got the inspiration for the packaging and look? Well they bought a float art pen. If there is anything else you would like to know check out their website at Balmshell.

Thanks so much for reading!

xo ~ Shawna


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amazing post. Thanks for sharing love. xoxo

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Wow congrats girl!!! Thats awesome :) they look lovely!!!

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