My Kiss Nail Experience at Home

I had posted previously about buying these two items.

I finally decided to try them out about a few days after i bought them. Since i'm use to applying gel to my nails this was a little weird for me but got through it. I did make a couple of mistakes ha ha but other than that they turned out well and now I know what to do for next time.

It had taken me about an hour and a half or so because I had to fit the nails they were a bit too big and would have basically covered over half of my nail! which would have looked like a hot mess if I would have just put them on. There is only one nail on each of my hand that does look a bit longer but its not a big deal they still look really nice. 

After I finished buffing and making them look nice I put on some clear nail polish and let me tell you they look awesome and I'm extremely happy with them! Especially for my first time! So I do think that anyone can do them. But if you aren't use to doing anything with your less dominant hand than you may need help or there are other options with the kiss nail kits that I've seen that are more easier to apply (don't quote me on that though you'll need to shop around)

I did decide to put some nail art on them because just the plain white french tips aren't enough for me. I love my nails to have alot going on, on them. 

So, here are a couple of pics of the outcome!

As you can see my hands are dry! ha ha I deal with this every damn winter... regardless of what I use they are still dry. 

Anyways, the liquid is some seriously stank stuff! and you kinda need to work fast and that I didn't like because since it was my first time.

I also put a little extra on due to the fact that I'm hard on my nails. I wasn't worried about if it would look funny because thats why you file it down to the size and shape you want.
If you have any questions about this that I didn't mention then let me know! ;-)

Thanks for reading once again!

xo ~ Shawna


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Those are so pretty! love them they look great!

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