My Neutral Eye Look - Pics - Quick Tutorial

  • Wet n Wild Trio in Knock on Wood
  • Wet n Wild single in Brulee
  • Elf mineral e/s in Glamorous, Temptress and Sweet

Well, I got bored today and decided to show you guys my neutral eye look
Very simple eyeshadow that seriously takes me like 5 - 10 minutes to do
This is awesome especially when I'm in a rush

If you want to know how I achieve this look then keep reading! :-)

I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Sin

Then used Temptress all over the lid to the crease
Glamorous in the crease and the corner creating a small v for depth and a lil underneath the eye only going mid way.
For me this wasn't enough because I am dark it just didn't look right to me... so I used a lil of the middle color of knock on wood and blended them together.

Brulee for the brow bone and sweet just in the arc of my brow bone. A lil of brulee underneath the eyes and sweet in the corners.
Next I lined my eyes with a black kohl pencil and used my flat angled brush and went over my liner and dragged it out a bit to create a fast wing. (this is what I did when i didn't know how to do it evenhandedly)
Doing this makes it soft and that's what we want for a neutral eye look!
I also curled my lash then put on some fake eyelashes! haha I love them and wear them everytime I do my makeup! <3
Quick tip: I have long lashes that are stick straight! when I curl my lashes I use my blow dryer and blow dry my curler but not too hot though! then I curl my lashes right at the base but not hard! and move my curler a lil further up and curl again... a lil further up and curl again.. do that all the way to the tip! and it will curl your entire lash beautifully! again do not curl them hard! or else you'll get kinks in your lashes and it will look funny! haha

Well thats it I hope you enjoyed it!

xo ~ Shawna


Fash Boulevard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

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Thanks love. xoxo.

TEA aka MonsterGirl said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That looks beautiful! love those colors they look really pretty. The blow dryer trick is exactly what i need to do, works like a charm! i just might have to go pick up the wet n wild trio!!

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