My Summer Fav's

So, fall is basically here! Its sad I feel like there was barely a summer here! Now its all windy. Say bye bye to nicely done hair! I've been rockin the beachy waves this summer/fall because if its windy it looks even better all tousled! :-)

 Here are my summer favs. Not a big list but things that I was favoring most!

 Quo's refreshing facial mist is awesome! You can use this as a toner before you apply your makeup or right after as a setting spray. I had purchased this for about $15 I think don't quote me on that because this was at the beginning of summer when I bought this. The smell I kinda like and I can't explain it. Its very soft and girly.. almost has a vintage smell to it. Goes away right away also! Anyways, I love this a little while after applying this my face gets this dewy glow that I just love! I use this every time I apply makeup and I've barely made a dent.

 This book is waaaay better than the movie! So many parts missing!!! I always watch the movie first then read the book! So I'm not disappointed. Nicholas Sparks is such a good writer. I've read so many books by him and everytime I do I cry!
Have you read any of his books?

 You're probably thinking this is weird! ha ha but I love these! I just bought them about a week ago and I am in love! The antiperspirant seriously lasts all day long! My armpits are smelling good all day long! ha ha And I only paid $4.97 for both of them. Mine is plum and sakura.. and its awesome!

Okay, so I bought this awhile ago probably after Fleur De Force bought this and posted about it. I couldn't help it. So many good reviews about this I had to! I paid $13 to $15 for this at Wal-Mart. Cheaper than Shopper's Drug Mart which was a little over $20. I am in love with this product! It is by far the best under eye concealer! I sometimes use this on little spots around my face also! I just put a dab and leave it for about 10 - 20 seconds then dab again and it covers it up! AMAZING!!

I am a lover of lipgloss! I don't buy lipstick at all.. I bought one before and used it once and didn't use it again. Lipgloss though I go through so much! And this stuff is awesome! I put it on and it feels like I brushed my lips with a crest toothpaste. No surprise there because they put crests peppermint oils in it. I bought this while it was on sale at Wal-Mart for $2.97! woot woot I should have bought more because now they are full price! ha ha oh well!

Soap and Glory's Glow Lotion (est.$12)This is my second bottle of this stuff! I love it that much! I mostly just use it in the summer because when the sun hits it you shimmer and shine! Its gorgeous on any skin tone. And the smell it is so vintage smelling. It also lasts awhile.

 Oil absorbing blotters. I bought these from ebay for about $4 CAN. The shipping was more than the item itself! ha ha but these are great and there are 72 sheets. Which is awesome... way less in the store and you pay more! I love ebay!

I always found myself turning to the Greed palette by Wet n'Wild. Especially when I was in a rush and wanted something simple but pretty on my eyes. so versatile.

Hard Candy's So Baked Bronzer in Heat Wave.This has been my fav product of the summer! It makes me look like I have a glow. This is amazing and for the price it makes it super duper amazing! I barely even made a dent in this! The lighter shade I use as a highlight... I just use my index finger to get some. :-)

Smashbox's backdrop cooling tint is just amazing for the summer! It has this cooling effect on your skin that feels refreshing! I use this all the time when I want something natural looking.

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wow great summer fav's!! I haven't heard of a couple of these and now I am thinking heyyyy I might check some out when I go out today =)
It is so crazy summer is gone..its actually goin to be 29 here today...hottest day of the summer this year.
I have never read that book or seen the movie, but I hear the book is so good! I might have to get it. That's a great idea! usually people read the book first then watch the movie..including me, and always disappointed! I will try it your way next time =D

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